julia project num. 6 & 7

This one is for Petra...or at least her daughter.  

This may be the easiest skirt I have ever made...super simple pattern.  
I think it is called the "Flouncy Pleated Skirt". 

I instantly want to make more...took about 20 minutes total to do.

And this one is for Simona...she requested something for the kitchen.

This is the "Kitchy Kitchen Apron".  
Super simple and easy to sew...for me, a little too simple...I added the row of patchwork along the bottom to cute it up a bit. 

I hope you both love them ladies. 
To see the rest of my Julia projects you can go HERE.

And as for the post from yesterday...oh my.  I am so thankful for your responses and support.  Already I have another crazy deep post in addition to/in response to that one...but I am still working it out in my head...soon though, friends.  Thank you for being you.  It is my prayer that through the lovely network of blogs that we can push each other towards that which is most important...Christ.  
Because I don't know about you...but life, without Christ...holds no appeal to me.

And I will be dedicating a whole post to the details of the quilt...hopefully everything you would want to know about it. 

 Come back tomorrow for another great giveaway!!

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