another glamorous makeover.

This is what started my whole cleaning binge this past weekend.  I needed more space to work and store my stuff.  And that is a fact.  In the next house we buy...which I am praying will be sooner rather than later...there will be a sewing room.  Or we won't buy it. 

But since I don't want to spend my days annoyingly whining about not having one now...I had to make do with what I have.  Above are the before photos...and believe it or not...they were taken about half way through me pulling everything out.   It was crazy in there...I had stuff on top of stuff...things I didn't know I had...fabric that I had forgotten about...I found spools of thread stuffed in was a huge unproductive mess.

So I gutted it...
The coats moved away...and when needed will live in my new mud room. 
Anything that wasn't mine was banished to a new home.  
Then we went to Lowe's and bought some simple lumber and brackets.  I spent most of the day Sunday organizing and purging.
I measured and installed...Doug cut and sanded.  The shelves were easy peasy...and cost maybe $60 total to make.  

There is a place for everything...even a spot to hang some cute on the wall. 
Most of the colorful bins have been collected from Target over time...the top shelf holds things I don't use often and my Cricut...that I want to ensure is not touched by tiny hands. 
The prints are my own making...the "create" cards are from Michael's.
I love it...and I consider it a tiny version of what I hope to have one day.
Once again I love that there is a place for everything...and I know where everything is!
I can display some of my favorite things in a place that is not cluttered with cars and blocks and trains.
And this my friends, is proof that anyone can have a craft "room".  You just have to find a place for all the stuff in your closet. :)

Thanks for all the kind words about my mud room...and for understanding my crazy.

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