Happy Monday friends!

I hope you had a lovely weekend...mine was packed FULL of organizing and cleaning out every cabinet in my house...it all started with wanting some shelves in a closet...and started a chain reaction that echoed through my whole house...as soon as I get the details finished I will show you all my fun changes and hope that you can use a few of them.  But for now....

I want to extend the most heartfelt and deep seeded thank you to each and every one of you.  Thank you each for buying a net or more than one.  Thank you for your kind emails and encouragement.  Thank you for following along and passing the word about the quilt to others.  I am SO humbled and thankful for you making our campaign a success.  

We, together, raised enough for 361 nets.  That means THREE HUNDRED AND SIXTY ONE families will now have one less thing to worry about...361 families will be safe from malaria while they sleep at night.  361 families now KNOW that someone cares about them.  And it is my prayer that the love of God that covers those people will be as noticeable to them as the nets hanging over their beds at night.  361 families.  Just think about that number.  That is no little task.  I have been to towns smaller than that.  So thank you thank you thank you thank you.  I love you...truly.

And we will be doing another quilt...but this next one will take some help from you...eventually I will post a tutorial about how to make a certain kind of quilt block...then I will ask you to make one...and send it to me.  And that will be the next quilt...

But for now...I have few more fun goodies for you...from some generous people who offered up some lovely items...

Amy Powers...you win your choice of crayon set from Orange Blossoms.

Aubrey Christ...you win your choice of print from Pickled Pumpkins.

Ashley Garret...you win a Simple blog design package from Dirt and Lace.

 Jenni Carlisle you win your choice of size and color carrier from Meeup Baby Carriers.

You may all contact the appropriate shops to collect your goodies. :)
Thank you to those who supplied those fun things!!

In other news...I have a lot I want to share with you...
Cute silouettes that I am trying to decide whether to put in the shop or not...
 And I am work work working on hoho's...if you want one just for you...just let me know.  They go fast. :) If you are a fan of Little Bit Funky on facebook you are the first to know when there are some up for adoption...if you are thinking of them for Christmas...it is never too early to order...
And if you are a fan on facebook...you already know about these cute hoho shirts...they will be a very limited run based solely on what good deals I can find on shirts. 

 And I have lots of other fun things to share this week...but for now I will just wish you a Happy and Blessed Monday. :)


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