ten things for you. :)

1.  At long last...I would like you to meet the fabric sponsor of our Nothing But Net quilt. 
Say hello to sweet Jody.  She blogs over at Everyday Beautiful and sells a gorgeous selection of fabrics at the Fabric Shoppe.  Yummy goodness all over there. :) I have a prayed a lot over this quilt already...as I am hoping you are doing too. :) Each and every step...including who I was to ask for fabric...little did I know that Jody had a heart for Africa...what a coincidence (wink wink), right? 

She is a lover of fabric and creating, has and works towards a beautiful life, and has two sweet girls under two, and a wonderful supportive husband.  Her heart for Africa comes from a hope to adopt from there someday.  Who knows...one of the nets that come from making this quilt could directly effect her life? Gives me chills to think about it. 

Jody in all of her wonderfulness insisted on donating all of the fabric needed for the quilt.  I was floored.  Crying happy, thankful tears.  God is in this quilt.  You better believe it. 

And I am already mentally planning our NEXT quilt...yep, I am that crazy.  But right now I LOVE the idea of collecting quilted squares from bloggers all over to make one big happy quilt. :)
So go say hi to her and thank her for being awesome...go buy some fabric from her lovely shop, too.
2.  Speaking of that lovely fabric.  I finally got it all cut. :) Done and done.  Now to get the paper ready for the squares...then to start those squares! :) I'm excited...are you?

3.  Hoho says not to worry...he finally got his own ice cream cone. :)
4.  And did you happen to notice that this cutie is sitting on something cute and fun? I know, I know, his cuteness IS distracting...but focus and look at what he is sitting on?  Know what it is?  More about that soon. 
5.  By far my best seller.  Do you have one for your kiddos yet? :)  I am also taking orders for Happy Scrappy Skirts...email me for details. :)

7.  A peek at a photo shoot that I did this weekend...more of these coming, too.
8.  A post soon on "why bother blogging?"
9.  Summer is already making me lazy...sweet tea and a good book anyone?
10.  A summer timely twenty minute crafter coming soon.

Hang in there we have a lot to talk about. :)

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