20 minute crafter. make a funky dry erase board.

ok. ready.  this is more like a 10 minute craft.  super cute and super easy.
to make a super cute and easy dry erase board you will need:
a frame with glass...any shape and size and color that your little heart desires.
the mat that came with the frame...or a piece of cardboard that fits inside.
a piece of fabric that will cover the mat or cardboard that fits in your frame.
lighter colored fabric works better.
scotch tape.
wrap your frame with your fabric.  like a present.  pull it nice and tight. 
put it back in the frame...with the glass on top...just like you would with a photo.
there you have it...cute, customizable dry erase board.  the glass acts just like one...you can just wipe it clean. :)  and yes, i changed fabrics at the end...i just didn't think the other was light enough.  even with the switch...this craft didn't take but ten minutes. 

 wouldn't these make great teacher gifts? you could get thrifted frames and paint them. and give them with a pack of dry erase markers. :)

have fun! :)

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