20 minute crafter. how to make a wreath with fresh greens.

I can't take credit for knowing how to do this.  I have to tip my hat to four long years of "Art Club" in high school.  Yes, I was in the art club.  I even held offices.  And if you like that...I was also in the Ecology club.  Held offices there too.  That's right.  I'm good with it. 

We made these wreaths every year as a fund raiser.  Super easy.  And takes less than 20 minutes once you have your greens.   
Here is what you need:
a straw form wreath (any size 12in is about $2 at Michaels)
greenery.  evergreens work the best...pine, magnolia, boxwood, holly.
"helper" is optional.
greening/floral pins.  I think I got these at Joanns for about $2.

First, get your "helper" to trim your hedges and save the clippings.
Grab a few springs of greens, with the wreath laying on the ground, place them on top of the wreath...not the inner ring or outer one...the middle.
...place a greening pin around the bulk of your sprigs...about two inches from the ends...
...smoosh it down...
...continue around the wreath...layering each bunch onto the other by a few inches...go all the way around...
...then repeat the same process on the inner part of the wreath...and then on the outer ring...
...and you're done.  I prefer this simple look...but you could add other things...birds, nests, feathers...whatever makes you happy...this wreath will last for weeks. :)
I hung it by wrapping a ribbon around the wreath and attaching the ribbon to the screen door hardware...but you could use a wreath hanger if you are fancy like that.
In case you were wondering...this is what that little sign on the door says.  We live in the Bible belt and in a neighborhood of kids who are rude to us unless they are selling something and people seem to ring the doorbell ONLY when my kids are sleeping. 

And somehow...even though there is a sign right inside my house that asks people to remove their shoes...somehow a lot of people thinks this DOESN'T apply to them.  This is my way of assuring them that it does indeed apply to them. :)

Happy wreath making...even if you wait until Christmas to do it. :)

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