here's the story {morning glory}

Tomorrow I will have 18 unclaimed Happy Hoho Mosters in the shop.  I'm looking at 8pm or so to start listing.  Did you know that if you are a fan of Little Bit Funky on Facebook that you will always know the shop news first? Over there...on the closest column to the right.

MY hoho has not been well the last couple of days.  There was very little sleep to be had by me last night...and LOTS of coffee today.  The only time that things get done is when he is napping...cause he is pitiful...high fever but still wanting to go...but really needing his cuddle time.
So if I owe you an email or an order...please hang in there...I will get to you. :) Cuddles come first.

This batch of hoho's will be the last I will do until mid to late May.  I will also be really restricting my custom orders for the month of May as well.  There is lots I want to do...personal projects, family times and have you been to my shop to hear the crickets chirp? It is EMmmpty.  I HAVE to get some of these project ideas out of my head and into fabric. :)  So hopefully you will see some NEW things soon.

And in the works...hopefully within the week...I will have a pattern for sale for my Happy Scrappy Skirts!  This is my first pattern, I am super excited about it...and it will be an easy project for you! :)

Ok.  Here's the fun part. :) I have added a Mr. Linky below (I hope)...I would LOVE LOVE LOVE it if you would link up.  For no other reason than I want to visit you! :)  Link to your blog or your favorite post or your favorite project...get me hooked on your blog! :) I prom promise to visit AND say hello! :)

Yes, I mean you there.  If you are reading this...I am talking to you.

So here ya go...I can't wait to come visit:

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