20 minute crafter. { x3}

Hi friends.  I hope you can forgive today's craft...technically it is not a twenty minute craft...but I DID do it in an hour...so...well that would have been the time that I would have used to do the 20 minute crafter post...but well...I wanted to do these instead. :) Ok?  So hopefully you are still inspired to craft...even if you only have a little bit of time to do so...
Don't you love my new sunshiney curtains?
I started with these...on clearance from Target.  Ok...but not all all funky...and a little too short for my liking.  
 So I cut off the tab tops...this made it easy to keep the line straight. :)
Then...taking three different fabrics that made me happy...I cut them all the same length...but cut them different widths.  Sewed the different widths together...sewed them onto the curtain...and sewed the tab tops back on...and here we go. :) Here is a before and after. :)
  Now we will have sunshine when there is no sun. :)
I LOVE them.  I am thinking all the curtains in my house need a makeover now.
Cause what part of my house couldn't use some artificial {fabric} sunshine?

Hope you were still inspired...even if it took 20 minutes times three. :) 

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