20 minute crafter. easy Easter cuteness.

this edition should be called 10 minutes to awesome. 
need some easy and simple cute for Easter?

I found the idea HERE.  And here is how you do it. :)
You need:
a mason jar
chocolate Easter bunny
edible Easter grass
Easter candy in egg shape
I got everything at Target
add your grass to the jar...this stuff is much tougher than i thought it would be...you want to make a little nest for your Easter bunny.   Nestle your little bunny down in there...you can pull off the foil wrapper if you like the naked chocolate bunny look.
add some of your egg candies...cuteness...add as much or as little as you like.  make yourself happy.
see? cute, right?
cut a circle of fabric to fit under the lip of the mason ring...is that what you even call that?
add some ribbon...super fast Easter cuteness. 

have fun. :)

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