taking the crazy out of Christmas...

We are a determined family.
We are all refusing to be stressed out this Christmas.
After lots of praying and years of trying to figure out how...we are taking the
crazy out of Christmas. At least the bad crazy.
We will still be crazy happy, crazy joyful, crazy jolly and crazy grateful.
By making small changes here and there...we are doing it.
So far, so good really. I know it is early yet but I am extremely hopeful.
It feels good and warm.
One way we are doing it this year...
We are limiting the gifts for the boys and each other.
To three gifts each. Plus stockings.
For two reasons...one...Jesus got three gifts and
two...there are four of us...one gift from each person.
Already it has changed our Christmas dynamic.
We have already been very thoughtful about what we buy.
And already so less stressed. The feeling that we need to "get it all" is gone.
Gone! (yay for prayer!)
We are focusing on things like being together and having fun.
Not mounding toys under the tree that will be
played with for moments and then tossed aside.
I will admit, when I first heard of this idea years ago...I felt sorry for the family!
Isn't that terrible? I didn't get it. At all.
Then I had kids. I have seen Moses overwhelmed by too much.
And some how, probably by God's doing...
I feel like we are giving so much more this year.
Time, thoughtfulness, consideration...memories. Happy ones.

Having a great Christmas has so little to do with money spent.
I am giddy for Christmas.
To dwell on the real reason for it all...and share that with my family.
This last photo is a peek at what we will be making here next week...
Until then...how are YOU taking the crazy out of Christmas?

I would LOVE to hear and share ideas!

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