how to make a reverse applique. :)

Want to make some cute inexpensive gifts?
This is super easy...and you will love how it looks.
You need a stencil for the shape that you want on the shirt, enough fabric to cover the stencil and a blank favorites come from Old Navy and Target.
Trace your stencil onto your fabric backwards...
obviously it doesn't matter for "M" but for "B" or something it will...
Now cut out around the shape you just traced...leave at least a half inch or so around the sides...DON'T cut out on the lines. :)
Turn your shirt inside out...and pin
(yes I actually pinned something)
the shape in the right place...on the backside of the front of the shirt.
Make sure it's straight.
Now sew all around on the line that you traced.
Use a small stitch.
You can click on the photo to make it larger...trim the fabric if there is loads.
Turn your shirt right side out...then carefully cut into JUST the t-shirt...
Cut out the center of your stenciled piece...
staying about 1/8in away from the line you sewed...
Personalized cuteness.
You can do any shape or letter or number. :)
Chances are good that I will be making bunches of these for Christmas gifts.

You can too...or you can send me a pile of shirts and I will gladly do them for you. :)

Have fun!
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