working together...makin a quilt. week two.

ok dears.
are you ready for the next big step?
except for the have done the hard part.
unless you are a weirdo who likes to iron.
i'm just saying. :)
for the next step...
grab a random set of SIX of your strips.
if you are a technical person I am sure you can find some way to make sure that no six sets are the just grab them willy nilly like.
taking two of your set of six, line them up so that the selvage edges are even (the side with all the writing on it)...every time you start sewing a new strip, start with this end. this way only one of your sides will be uneven...because the other side won't be...
this will help you get the most squares.
see, nice and even.
don't mind the mess in the background.
sew them together on one side using approx a 1/4in seam.
i'll confess that with Moses' quilt i did a half inch.
i didn't realize until i was cutting the squares that i did this...but it didn't matter that much because i did it with all of the sewing and not just one or two times.
the lesson here?
if you do something least do it the throughout the whole project.
now keep the sides even as you sew...this is one of those times you could pin if you wanted...i just line up a few inches, sew a few inches, line up, sew, etc.
see the ends won't match up on this side...that is ok and normal.
repeat that with all six strips in the group.
then repeat the whole process with ALL of your groups of six.
see? easy.
you got this.

next week we'll talk about how to iron them really you have two weeks to do this step.

let me know if you have any questions.

thanks for all the birthday love!
I had no idea Doug would post...he is a man of few words but when he lets them, I am blessed that he is MY husband!

i'll catch this blog up tomorrow and choose a banner winner then too!


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