thanks guys.

so yeah.
you guys have made officially made it impossible to live with my husband.
why? you ask.
because he made bot B.
the bot that most of you liked more.
and he has not shut up about it.

at one point he said to me:
"of course they like mine more...i'm craftier than you are"
the nerve.
that brat.
and he keeps saying it.
i told him if he says it again i'm going to punch him in the face.
he said "no, i'll punch you in the face and create something better out of it...
because I am craftier than you".
he will not shut up.

so thanks guys.
it is impossible to live him.
you can have him.
his things will be packed and waiting.


(p.s. in case you can't tell doug and i speak sarcasm fluently.
we never have nor would ever punch each other in the face.
but he did say that he was craftier than me.
i still love you guys.
thanks for playing.
and we plan on making lots of different robot favors.)
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