quilt makin' week three.

Ok...so this post may bore you to tears...but I am a visual person, so hang in there.
Grab your stack of freshly sewn strips...heat up your iron to the cotton setting and get your ironing board ready. :)
The point of this step is to get your strip sets nice and flat so that they will cut nicely and sew together well...do this by ironing all of your seams down in the same direction. This is how I did it...I held the side furthest from me and pulled slightly as I ironed toward that hand...always in the same direction.
You want to make sure your seams are pulled apart and not folded over...See the arrows above...does that make sense?
The good seam above is what you should get...the bad seam is what you get if you just ironed without the slight pulling...you don't want those folds...
See...before and after...doesn't have to be perfect but you want it to be as flat as you can make it.
Do this with all of your strip sets...next week we will cut again!
Now you can start fantasizing about how cute your quilt is going to be...I will be honest and admit that all of my strips are not sewn at this point...but I plan to catch up this week! I really want my quilt...every time I see Moses snuggle in his I am a little jealous! :)

Leave any questions in the comments. :)

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