On your special day

Today is Crystal's birthday. She probably suspects I'm secretly posting this, so I don't claim to surprise her with it. She is by no means old, older than me, yes, but not in that 'old' category yet. Despite me telling her she can turn 29 again, I think she is prepared to face life as a trigenarian. I tend to take birthdays not always as a celebratory time, but more a time of reflection and thankfulness as another year passes.

Ten years ago, I doubt Crystal would have thought her life would be in the place it is today. Ten years ago for me I would be in the same shoes as her. I'm fortunate enough to have a beautiful, loving wife who is raising two wonderful boys. She amazes me with how much she accomplishes in such little time. For those of you who are parents, I'm sure you are knowledgeable to the talents that toddlers possess in tearing up any room in a matter of minutes. Toddlers weren't prepared for Crystal though; before I turn around, the room is cleaned, vacuumed, in order and re-decorated.

Sure, I can't contain her craftiness, and sometimes that leads to furniture being redistributed in rooms and re-purposed, it may lead to 52 simultaneous projects and 12 custom orders, and the constant humming of that sewing machine. Neither of us would have it any other way. I'm thankful for this blog in that she can share her life with others, and document our sons' first years. I'm thankful for the joy it brings when she receives praise, positive comments, and consistent support.

As Crystal turns 30 I am thankful for this blog for the reasons mentioned above, I'm thankful for Etsy and the joy it brings my wife. I'm thankful for being able to get to this point in my life with Crystal and sharing so much together. I'm thankful that marriage is so easy with her. I'm thankful that she is a sounding board, a constant support, an ever present voice of reason, and is always challenging, both to her and myself. Her continous self-motivation is admirable, she has an inability to settle for adequacy when excellence can be achieved. As each year passes, I continue to be able to say "this year has been the best so far." A great deal of that is due to Crystal's push towards fulfilling our potentials.

I'm a pensive, analytical person, but I've thought this one out over and over, and have yet to resort to a different answer. Crystal, simply put, is who I needed. She truly is everything I need, if you think about that magnitude of what that says, it is awe-inspiring. Supurlatives would not do justice, and I'm sure people don't want to read over and over about that.

Going back to my idea of birthdays and using them to reflect and be thankful, I love my wife, and am thankful everyday for her. I tell her everyday I love her. In taking Crystal's idea and using this blog to encourage others, I encourage you guys to do the same with your spouse.

I love you Crystal.

-"The" Doug

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