he loves me. i love you.

i know moses loves me again.
i made him another shirt.
this one he has worn.
please tell me you can tell what it is?
(a cozy coupe, duh!)
this was his pose of choice. not mine.
and this IS moses.
he is about to go through a growth spurt, can you tell?
i finally convinced him to wear his dj lance shirt.
it cost me 2 m&ms and 3 pennies.
and then he would only wear it backwards.
how funny is that?
until we made brownies.
he was willing to turn it around for a beater from the batter.
funny kid.
and because I love you...I will tell you to make this.
this is meg's blueberry buckle.
with five cups of blueberries...
i know one of my favorite relatives would deem this breakfast appropriate. :)
and i would agree.
it was easy and super tasty.
go do this now while blueberries are still super cheap!


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