getting there.

more quilt progress was made...but first:
do I love these because they are my boys or
are they just that awesome?
(and does that sound REALLY full of myself or what?)
I have 42 squares...a cut and ironed...just waiting to be assembled.
Here they are...all laid out...I am not sure how big I thought this would be...
but this is much bigger. :)
And here are my first two rows. This is so exciting.

Would you think less of me to know that I will be sending it out to be quilted?
The way I see it...sending it out to be quilted makes me no less a quilter than sending your photos out to be developed makes a photographer any less a photographer.

Are you ready to make one?
I'll help...I am going to make another after this...
you can get ready and make yours along with me. :)

The first step is to pick out 12 fabrics...and get a half yard of each.
You CAN do this.
If you can cut and sew straight lines then I mean you.
Go get your fabric.
THIS is my favorite place to buy fabric.

This will be fun.

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