big doings.

I'm in love with these felt letters I tell ya...
you know I really love something if I do it more than once...
or 26 times for that matter. :) I just LOVE how this ABC banner turned out!
It's already heading to a new home, thanks Chance! but I have relisted it in the shop as a made to order item until I get another made. :)
I have also gotten a couple of girly banners done...this one is for a friend...
And this one for another you know who?
I just LOVE these letters...every single one is just SO darling!
And since I am doing a little show and tell...I redid my mantle again...part of the chain reaction from the leak last week. I love a good mantle. :)
And my biggest accomplishment lately?
Trying to replicate Doug's grandmas pot roast.
Before this one the only red meat I had EVER cooked was hamburger. Seriously.
I followed directions that Doug's mom gave me to the letter.
And I am proud to say that Doug gave it a 7.5...compared to grandma I would say that is not bad for a first time...he also said that my gravy, which I have also NEVER made, was perfect, along with my mashed potatoes. :)

Sounds like a success in my book.


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