my condition worsens. :)

If you have been here a while you will recall that I have a dish issue...
I LOVE dishes...what can I say.
Since admitting to my problem I have gotten better
and actually let go of some of the sets I just didn't LOVE.

But then I added a new set.
And now another new one...
When I found the ones above, I think I stopped breathing...
my favorite plate form!
I bought a set of six.
It took me days to post this...because I can hear a certain friend in L.A. giggling at me.
But I had to have them, right?
They fit right in with the other fun and color in my kitchen.
My kitchen is all white...
And slowly being dipped in color... the form of bowls, and tea kettles, and dishes, and mugs...
...and pots and pans...
Basically any kitchen good I can find in a fun color. :)

In fact, I told Doug, for my birthday...I want all sorts of fun kitchen supplies in bright fun colors...spoons, measuring cups, spatulas, etc.

These dorky things make me happy.

What dorky things make you happy?

You still have time to enter the giveaway...I'll choose a winner later on today.


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