feeling under appreciated.

Moses loves Yo Gabba Gabba.
We found this show because one day I was flipping through the channels and happened upon it during a beat boxing segment with Biz Markie...I knew Moses would love it...he LOVES to beat box. :) Since then we have seen every episode.

My favorite part of the show is that all the songs they sing are actually life applicable...from "Don't Bite Your Friends" to "Lots of things can be dangerous"...we actually catch Moses singing Yo Gabba songs at appropriate times.
DJ Lance Rock is the host...I guess you would call him that.
I thought Moses would love a DJ Lance shirt...but we aren't much into buying character clothing...so I came up with this alternative (since then I have seen others do it).
It's just felt fabric and simple stitching...I LOVE it...I don't think it could have come out cuter.
I was SO excited to show Moses...I just KNEW he would LOVE it!
In my head he would jump up and down, maybe squeal and tell me what a great mom I was...he would want to wear it every day...because that is how much he would love it.

In reality...he looked at it and said "How about a face?" Meaning "Give him a face".
He wouldn't even wear it...he said we could give it away.


I'm still hoping he will come around.
Because I still think it's pretty cool...with my broken heart and all.

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