because i can.

I really don't need one more thing to do.
I don't.
My plate is full and overflowing.
I only seem cool and collected online.
There are those who read this blog (hi there!) who can tell you that I am neither cool, nor collected. I'm pretty nerdy. They have met me. Been to my house...and have seen. :)
I am a big mess...who doesn't function very well unless I have a lot to do.
I am much better with 50 things to do than with 2.
But I have been inspired by one of my favorite online people to pursue a dream that I never thought I would really do...only pay someone to do.
Make a quilt.
In fact I already have plans for three.
And now I am in it. I bought the fabrics and cut them into strips...I have even started some of the sewing. I even have an accountability case I try to bail. :)
I am so excited to finish it...but I make myself earn time to work on it...I do a "must do" then do a little on the quilt...
(You know my motto: Do what you have to, so you can do what you want to).
This one will be for Moses. Mine will be aqua and red.
So stay tuned...I'm going to make a quilter out of me yet. :)
Just in case you need something sweet today. :)
Getting his five month photo was a challenge this time...this was all he wanted to do.
Did I mention we are potty training Moses on top of everything else?
I am still hoping there is some sort of camp we can send him know, where they teach him to only use the potty...then send him back to us fully trained.

Plus, Doug is officially in the busiest time of year for Target...back to school...even busier than Christmas.
Crazy, crazy here.
Lots of coffee and chocolate.
Feel free to send your extras to me.



P.S. The Polka dot dishes are from Pier One! :)

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