A Christmas Gift to Make-How To Make a Tissue Cozy

These little cozies are perfect little stocking stuffers or teachers gifts or for your secret santa. :) This project is SUPER easy...I would rate it easy beginner.
1. Start with four rectangles of fabric of your choice, each measuring 5 3/4in by 4in.
2. Lay two of the pieces together, wrong sides together, putting the piece that you want facing OUT (this will be the bottom piece of the cozy) on top.
3. Take the other two pieces and fold them length wise. 4. Lay them on top of the two layered pieces, folded sides facing in. You can pin them together if you would like, I tend to be too lazy for that. :) 5. Sew all around the edges about 1/4in in from the sides.
5. Make sure that the two folded sides are flush with each other. 6. I like to trim around the edges to make it nice and neat. Then turn it inside out...or outside in.
7. Insert package of tissues. :) Voila! A fun and easy present. :)
Please note that I am not a pro...I am sure that there are fancy professional words that are supposed to be inserted here and there but that's just not how I roll. :) Let me know if you have any questions and I would be happy to help. :)

Winner of the super awesome card design from Less Ordinary Designs is.....
MEG!! !:) (choosen at random by Doug). Meg has a handful of sweet kids and was just begging for one less thing to do this holiday season. :) If you didn't win you should do two things...
1. Go get Sara to design your Christmas cards anyway...you can't beat the deal and awesomeness she has to offer and 2. Come back next week to see the next amazing freebie I have to offer...if there is a little girl on your shopping list you DON'T want to miss it. :)

Question of the day...When do you allow yourself to start listening to Christmas music?
Me? November 1st!!! :)

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