The other Mary.

I want to be more like her.

So, I don't often share the profound God moments that I have. Not because I am not thrilled with them but because a God moment is such a personal thing and because the person sitting right next to you can have such a different experience from the exact same words. I don't often share them here because they get lost in translation. Does that make sense? I share the little ones, the joys and the struggles but the big- God is talking to me- moments are harder to put into words.
Kind of like, if you have ever been on a missions trip and it totally changes your life and direction and perspective and you get home to tell people about it and they just don't get it...not because they don't want to but because you have to have that kind of experience for yourself.

So the sermon on Sunday was about Mary, Martha's sister. He discussed the three mentions of her in the Bible. The first being her realness with God/Jesus. Jesus approached her soon after the death of her brother Lazarus and said to Jesus "If you had been here my brother would not be dead". She was wrong to say it but right at the same time because she was being real. My favorite quality in a person. She said what was on her heart and let Jesus sort it out. Isn't it funny how often we try to put on a front for God. He is ALL knowing for crying out loud...we know this but we try it anyway. This was a great reminder to me to be real. Always. much easier than pretending.
The next mention he talks about is how she sits at Jesus' feet while her sister slaves away in the kitchen, making dinner for Jesus. Martha complains to Jesus about this and Jesus tells her that Mary has found what is good and that it won't be taken away from her. How often do we need to be reminded of what is important!!!! The dishes can son still wants me to hold him. I can do that son wants to snuggle. We can clean up that mess another time my husband is home and has free time! I can finish that craft later because my friend could use a phone call from me. Love it. Love the reminder.
The last one discussed was Mary pouring a years worth of wage's of perfume onto Jesus feet to honor him. A YEARS WORTH. Not a trickle or a little bit. A year. She took what had to be one of her finest possessions and dumped it on the feet of her Savior. I want to be that free with my blessings. This is not the first time I learned this your best in every way. When I was in Romania, we spent time with what is considered their lowest of the low, the Gypsies. I can tell you that I have never felt Jesus love pour from a people like it was poured from them. They had NOTHING. We slept in dirt huts, peed in a hole in an unsteady outhouse(our pastor, a big guy, jokingly told us to not try to save him if he fell in but to just shoot him) and pigs slept right outside the door. But I have NEVER seen a more giving group. They gave us the best of what they had...they spared nothing, they shared and blessed us beyond words. It is because of that trip that I save nothing "for good", I use it everyday. Everyday is good as far as I am concerned.

So that is what I have been thinking of constantly since we left church on Sunday...I couldn't fall asleep last night I was so wrapped up in thinking about it all...hopefully it wasn't all lost in translation and it blesses you in a tiny bit.

On a little funny note, as I was thinking about this Mary, my thoughts would drift to Mary, mother of Jesus. I caught myself thinking about being the mother of Jesus and what a huge responsibility that would be...instantly I thought, I couldn't take being the mother of Jesus, I am having a hard enough time being the mother of Moses. :) Maybe it was only funny to me but that statment in my head made me laugh out loud. :)

Hope you are well and blessed tonight! xoxo

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