Marbled Homemade Dough Gift Tags (or Ornaments)


It may be a little late for Christmas but you can just say you are ahead of the game for Valentines day! Make these as Valentines or use them to tie on gifts all year round! They are simple to make with inexpensive ingredients! 

Air Dry Clay

2 cups baking soda

1 cup cornstarch

1 1/4 cups water

cookie cutters

food dye

parchment paper

letter stamps from amazon

Combine all ingredients in a pot over medium heat.  

Stir continuously until it thickens. 

Think scrambled eggs...this is how it will thicken up, a glob at a time the way eggs would. Once all of the liquid has globbed up, remove from heat. 

At this point add 2-3 drops of dye and fold the dough over itself.  If you over mix it, it won't be marbled, just colored. 

As soon as it's cool enough to handle, roll it out on parchment paper and cut out shapes, punch a hole for tying. Immediately mash the scraps together and roll it again and repeat until all of the dough is used up.  This is important because the cooler the dough gets, the less it likes to be rolled out and the more it will crack. As you cut out your shapes, and add a hole , lay on more parchment paper. As you transfer them you can smooth any edges with your finger and gentle patting. 

However, it doesn't mind being stamped once it's cut out and cooler.  After you've cut them all out stamp with word or phrases of your choice then move to a cookie rack to harden for 1-2 days. 

You can add paint or glitter once they are dry! 

Here's a technique to get rounded edges for a smoother look, add a layer of cling wrap between the dough and cutter, press and remove! 

Have fun making these and spreading some Love! 

38 Great Christmas Books for Kids! 2020 Version!



Welcome to the 2020 updated list of Christmas books.  When the boys were younger, I tried to match their new book for the year to their ages or interests.  Now that they are 14 and 11, that's a little tricky. Now I just try to find a beautiful classic or a nicely illustrated one instead. This year I was pleasantly surprised to find a pair of Covid 19 themed books which I think are a hilariously perfect way to commemorate a crazy year. Plus I found a beautifully illustrated Jesus story. 

Enjoy the list! 

We don't keep them out year round, they get stored away with our Christmas decorations and I write the year and their name in each one so that ONE DAY, they can be passed down to their kids.

Please pick and choose at your discretion, while I think they are all awesome, every family is different. :) Enjoy! They are each linked below!

1. Merry Christmas Peanut - Adorable pictures featuring a cute little peanut!
2. Dinosaur vs Santa - Cute naughty dino!
3. Richard Scarry The Animals Merry Christmas - A classic!
4. Merry Christmas Squirrels! - Adorable live action photos of squirrels!
5. Llama Llama Holiday Drama - If you love the Llama Llama books!
6. Samurai Santa - Cute ninjas!
7. Merry Christmas Splat - Splat is just cute and fun for kids!
8. Pig the Elf - Adorable pug book!
9. The Christmas Story, The Brick Bible for Kids - For Lego lovers!
10. It's Christmas David - For naughty kids everywhere.
11. A Star for Jesus - Sweet little board book.
12. Christmas in the Manger - Christmas story as a board book.
13. The Crippled Lamp - Old story with a new perspective.  Super sweet book!
14. The Night Before Christmas (Tasha Tudor) - Classic Christmas
15. Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer - Mine is vintage from when I was little. It's from Montgomery Ward!
16. A Pirate's Twelve Days of Christmas - a cute little story!
17. How the Grinch Stole Christmas - A classic, of course!
18. The Berenstain Bears and the Nutcracker - Who doesn't love them?
19. The Snowman - Board book!
20. The Snowman Story Book - With words!
21. The Night Before Christmas Pop Up Book - Super fun!
22. What Star is This? - Sweet little story!
23. Merry Christmas Mom and Dad - A Little Critter Book
24. Baby Jesus - A board book
25. Curious George - Curious About Christmas - A board book
26. Away in a Manger - A board book
27. The Christmas Story - a book for little ones
28. The Velveteen Rabbit - A classic
29. The Story of Christmas - A board book.
30. Corrie's Christmas Memories - By Corrie Tenboom
31. The Story of Christmas - A board book.
32. Weird but True Christmas - Moses loves these books.
33. A Notchmas Carol: An unofficial Minecraft story - for Minecraft fans.
34. Home Alone - Cute illustration of the movie.
35. Walk This World at Christmas - Just a beautifully illustrated Christmas book.

New for this year: 
36. A Corona Virus Christmas - Perfect to commemorate a crazy year. 
37. Social Distance Santa - Another great one to remember the year.
38. Jesus and the Very Big Surprise - Just a sweet story and beautiful illustrations.
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