worship wednesdays - come thy fount {free printable}

I'll start this by saying, I know it's Thursday.  I've spent the week dealing with a yucky stomach bug and I am just now getting on my feet again.  I'm posting this now instead of next week in an effort to save the roll I've been on with blogging...so next week, we will do this on Wednesday ok?


Now to explain "this".  Worship should be a huge, HUGE part of our lives, if not the biggest.  It doesn't always have to mean standing at church singing.  It could mean doing a task with a thankful heart, praising God for the heat in your car on a cold day.  Enjoying the ray of sunshine after cloudy skies.  Any act small or large can be an act of worship to our creator.  I know, for me, the songs of worship that seep into my heart are my best tools for learning this kind of worship and surrounding myself with these words encourages the habit of praise.  So that will be the point of "Worship Wednesdays".  I hope to create (or share) a free printable once a week, inspired by worship song lyrics to encourage us in the act of creating a habit of praise.
This week is an oldie but a goodie. 

I've created this free printable in four different colorways that you can download HERE. 

I hope you can hang it somewhere that will remind you to turn every act you do in a day into an act of worship and praise! 

It is formatted to be an 8 by 10, personal use only please but please pin and share!

Feel free to comment with lyrics you'd like to see in a future "Worship Wednesday" post! :) 


Kiera Noelle said...

I love that hymn! It's beautiful, and a great reminder that we constantly need help. I know I need help to remember how God's grace saves me day in and day out. (: I hope you feel better!

Unknown said...

What about "the riches of your love will always be enough"? :)

Elizabeth Clark said...

Thank you for this print, we printed the gray/pink one and hung it in our guest bath. It matches perfectly!! E

RLR said...

Oh, this is one of my favorites! I wore my "tune my heart to sing thy grace" necklace today!

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