Eight Aweomse {and FREE} Valentine printables! :)

I realized this week that I've made a lot of Valentines printables! It's been so fun coming up with something that suits my boy's personalities each year and it's been made even MORE fun to share them with you!  I thought I would put all my favorites in one place to make it a little easier for you!

Enjoy and have fun spreading some love around! :) 

 A cat crazy Valentine! 
A Yoda Valentine! 
 Here's a superhero one!
 Here's one to go with hot wheels!
Here's one to go with Burt's Bees lip balm! 
 Here's a dino lovers valentine!
A cute band-aid one! 
 One to go with rulers!

worship wednesday {send revival}

Hello!  Here we are, another week of "worship wednesday"!  This week's free printable comes from my latest FAVORITE cd by Rend Collective: Art of Celebration .  If you need a pick me up for your ride to school, that CD will do it for you!  In the meantime, I hope you enjoy this printable! 

You can get the free printable HERE formatted to fit two 5 by 7s on a page.  
One to keep and one to share!

using our words {lessons in the desert}.

God is doing this crazy new thing with me during this season in the desert.  It's something that I have never experienced with Him.  In general, my "God lessons" are first hand.  As I am going through something He reveals to me the lesson I am to learn and take to heart.  He shows me the tool with which to shape my character and how to apply it. 

This go round has been a little different.  This round He is teaching by example.  I have lost track at the moment of how many times this has happened so far this session but here has been the general pattern: God drowns me in His word, showing me multiple places where a certain lesson is being taught and then once I am good and familiar with the lesson, He reveals a real life example to me in someone around me.  And sometimes it's in a situation that has little to nothing to do with me but it's like God pulls back the curtain long enough for me to see a layer of what is really going on.

For example.  In my circle there is a person who has been openly critical of people of a certain type of personality (not a bad type, just a type they don't care for), we will call her Alice.  Repeatedly Alice is showing outward and verbal judgements, seemingly without a care.  Now I don't know Alice well enough to know what is really going on, I'm just going by what I can see as a completely uninvolved third party.  BUT this kind of stuff has been going on for some time, just "loud" enough for me to notice.

Now just this weekend, I found myself thinking about a different person I know and wondering why we aren't better friends, what about me was stopping this friendship from evolving, etc and Alice's openly critical words started in on meHER dialog about someone else entirely had entered into my thought system about myself and the enemy just slipped in there and started directing them at me.  "You aren't better friends because you are this kind of person and that kind of person.  Alice knows all about "your type" and she is right..." on and on.  It was like a quick little flood and before I knew it, the water was rising fast.  I was instantly confused and almost verbally said "What the heck God?!" and He immediately said to me "This is an example of not knowing the damage your words can do.  You have nothing to do with what Alice is talking about but because she is choosing to have verbal diarrhea, it is infecting all of those around her.  Her dialect is not Thanksgiving, she is doing the enemy's work instead of mine.  Be careful what you say because you never know who is listening."

Wow.  It was an immediately amazing lesson.  So much so that I told it to Doug almost immediately.  It would have been profound if God had just stopped there.  But He didn't.  We were at church the next day and our pastor said almost exactly "You never know how your behavior will effect someone".

And it's true.  Thinking our words and actions only have an effect on ourselves is PURE selfishness.  We aren't so important that we don't have to gingerly watch over our words and actions.  Just like we do around our children, we need to take great care with what comes out of our mouths.

A good person produces good things from the treasury of a good heart, and an evil person produces evil things from the treasury of an evil heart. What you say flows from what is in your heart.
 Luke 6:45

We just never know who is listening.     

you RULE! {a free valentine printable!}

Here I have one more quick and simple Valentine for you! :)  These are what Moses will give out this year.  Not sure how many more years he will want to give out school Valentines but for him they have to be very NON-lovey dovey so it's always a fun challenge to come up with something he will enjoy giving out!  What could be more benign than rulers?!  He was happy, I am happy and now I share with YOU! :)

All you need is my free printable and some fun rulers!  I bought THESE these FUN rulers from Amazon! But you can also find them at Target and lots of places that have $1 sections.  
Just print them out (or send them to a printers like Staples)...
And cut a slit long enough to thread the ruler through (on both sides) and that's it!
Easy, peasy and no mushy stuff!  Enjoy and share! 

You can get the FREE download HERE

worship wednesdays - come thy fount {free printable}

I'll start this by saying, I know it's Thursday.  I've spent the week dealing with a yucky stomach bug and I am just now getting on my feet again.  I'm posting this now instead of next week in an effort to save the roll I've been on with blogging...so next week, we will do this on Wednesday ok?


Now to explain "this".  Worship should be a huge, HUGE part of our lives, if not the biggest.  It doesn't always have to mean standing at church singing.  It could mean doing a task with a thankful heart, praising God for the heat in your car on a cold day.  Enjoying the ray of sunshine after cloudy skies.  Any act small or large can be an act of worship to our creator.  I know, for me, the songs of worship that seep into my heart are my best tools for learning this kind of worship and surrounding myself with these words encourages the habit of praise.  So that will be the point of "Worship Wednesdays".  I hope to create (or share) a free printable once a week, inspired by worship song lyrics to encourage us in the act of creating a habit of praise.
This week is an oldie but a goodie. 

I've created this free printable in four different colorways that you can download HERE. 

I hope you can hang it somewhere that will remind you to turn every act you do in a day into an act of worship and praise! 

It is formatted to be an 8 by 10, personal use only please but please pin and share!

Feel free to comment with lyrics you'd like to see in a future "Worship Wednesday" post! :) 

assuming the best in others {lessons in the desert}

Another week, another excursion in the desert.  But the truth is, once you know you are there, and really let that sink in, there is a small part of you that is almost OK with being there.  I'm not saying I like it here per say but I know that I know that there is good purpose here.  I know that God loves me enough to not let me "be" and instead gently leads me by the hand to say "it's time to take things to the next level but for that to happen, you have to get unsettled".   I know that He teaches me in the desert.  I know how desert trips have changed me for the MUCH better in the past and part of me is very, VERY content to be here with Him.

So I have been listening.  I sit with my ears and heart perched for Him to speak.  I am doing several devotionals and reading scripture multiple times a day because I KNOW He is speaking and I want to hear him, another perk of a repeat trip to the desert, you know He isn't bringing you here to hang out.  {if you are interested I do devotionals on my iPad with "the bible app" (first one that comes up, looks like a little brown book) and I am currently doing "streams in the desert", "forgiveness - 40 days" and my bible in a year plan is "solid life reading plan", message translation", and I also do a mini-study with my "verse of the day"}.

Anyways.  For the last week I have heard two words on repeat from Him:

Perspective: a mental view or prospect.  


Perception: the way you think about or understand someone or something.

And here is what I am hearing.

We each have a perspective by which we view others.  We can't easily control this one because it is often formed by experience, our current emotions, our thoughts, knowledge, memories, etc.  It seems to be more instinctual than anything if we let it.   It can also be changed by our actual PHYSICAL location and the environment around us.

Our perceptions, in contrast are the way we choose to think about or understand our PERSPECTIVES in regard to someone or something.  I've come to understand perception to be how we choose to filter and regulate our perspectives.      

And once I understood that, God has repeatedly informed me that there is only one way to perceive others: "In love".  We are called to assume the best in others and forget the rest.  We would like to be able to rationalize our thoughts about people, events and circumstances as "observations" when really they are JUDGEMENTS.  We are not called to be the judge and jury.  We are called to love, pure and simple. 

That doesn't mean we are doormats to others or have to tolerate abuse or someone elses negative perceptions.  We can remove ourselves out from under those but even then, we are to assume the best about those people behaving poorly towards us and move on. 

The best part is that there are no qualifiers.  No "if, thens". 

I've been working on this this week.  There are several people in my REAL life that I am choosing to assume the best of.  I am assuming they are acting out of LOVE and then moving forward as though my chosen positive assumption are correct.  And what is great about this is how freeing it is.  Choosing this path frees me from hurt, and anger, and from having to please others.

And it works both ways.  If we assume good intentions and we act with good intentions, we are free from the negative perceptions of others because we KNOW our intentions please the Father.

In fact, with a certain issue I had this week, I considered changing a behavior based on my hopes of changing someones perception of me (in fact this happened twice this week, sometimes God really wants to make sure I learn something), as SOON as my thoughts went this way I heard God clearly say to me

"Would you really consider changing something I have said is OK in order to please ONE person?"  

And honestly that correction stunned me.  It was a wake up call to behaviors where I may be leaning more towards pleasing others than pleasing Him and that is a dark road that I don't want to go down.

Sometimes we have to condition ourselves to trust HIM where He has led us and come away from what feels "nice" aka pleasing others.

And pleasing others seems so much more natural.

Anyway, that's where I am at this week.  I actually woke up excited this Monday morning, eager to listen for the next lesson. 

My perception of the desert has changed dramatically from when I first came here because I am choosing to believe that God has brought me here for good.

Is there something in your life that could use a little change of perception? 


Bible Journaling Totes and Info! :)


Here I hope to share all the info I learn about Bible Journaling, where to get a Journaling Bible and all the info on my original Journaling Bible totes!

First off, here is my favorite version of the journaling Bible: ESV Single Column Journaling Bible (Black)

Here are some of my favorite NO BLEED pens: Infinity Permanent Neon Markers - 8 Colors

And, above are a few products that I designed with Bible Journaling in mind! :)  All of them are available with a verse on the side of your choosing.  All are professionally constructed with attention to detail.  I care a great deal about quality and sending you a product you will love.  You will not find sloppy sewing here!  The sides are sturdy and all fabric is lined.  The divider does not attach to the bottom but does go all the way TO the bottom.  Pockets are available in lieu of a divider. 
The XL Journaling Tote is is for the Bible Journaler who wants all her stuff with her, including her keys, wallet, phone and water bottle. :) The interior is roomy, the sides are sturdy and the straps are long enough to put over your shoulder.

This tote was designed to carry the bible journaling essentials.  One side of the divided tote for your bible, one side for your supplies.  Wide open design makes everything easy to see and get to!  This bag has shorter handles but longer handles are available upon request! :) 

Here they are together so you can get a good look at them next to one another. :)  The top bag is holding a standard sized three ring binder for comparison.  The middle bag is holding the bible linked above. :)
And last but not least, the pencil pouch!  This pouch is available with any scripture or verse you would like.  Made to hold all your pens and highlighters in one place.
Here are the fabric choices I am currently offering (in addition to the pink in the photos).  Every so often, I will change things up and if there is a fabric you love, that I am not offering, we can probably work something out!  I'm pretty easy to work with.  

To order, just send me an email at crystal@littlebitfunky.com  Current wait time is 2-4 weeks but I work every day that I am able (meaning no sickness, life events, etc.)  I care a great deal about quality so I take care with each order like it was my only one. :)

Thanks so much!  Happy day to you!

a dino-mite valentine! {with a free printable}

These are Aaron's Valentines for the year! :) I love how they turned out and I couldn't wait to share with you so you could get a head start! 
All you need are some dinosaurs {I've seen them at Target, Micheal's, etc}, some bakers twine and the FREE download I made to share! 
All you need to do is print them out, punch holes (here as shown or anywhere you'd like)...
 ...and tie on a little dino!  You probably want to have your kiddos fill them out before you add the dinos to make it a little easier on them. 
And that's it!  Do yourself a favor and start now! :) Stay tuned for another Valentine with a free printable within the next week or two!

You can download the file HERE.

Journaling Bible Tabs {update! and a new product PERFECT for your journaling bible!}

Last week I posted about some Journaling Bible tabs I made to share...I just wanted to show you the finished product!  I love the look of them and the best part is that you can print them on any kind of paper you'd like! You can grab the download on this post HERE.  I use this ESV Single Column Journaling Bible (Black).  
Along those lines...I've added a little something to my "always available" list...these pencil bags are just the right size to pair with your Journaling Bible!  And I can customize the scripture to suit you! 
If you'd like to order one you can email me at crystal@littlebitfunky.com.  They are $20 plus shipping. :)  
Additionally, I have created a tote that is PERFECT for carrying around your journaling Bible and all of your supplies!  This tote is sturdy, well made with attention to detail and has a divided interior!  You can also add any quote to the outside!  This tote is truly a labor of love, created from a pattern of my own design, unique to the handmade world!  I am sure you will LOVE it!

These are $35 without a quote and $40 with a quote and are available in a variety of fabrics for you to choose from!  If you'd like to order one you can email me at crystal@littlebitfunky.com and get the details!

Hope your week is off to an amazing start!  Are you expecting BIG things?!  You should be!


what i made for monday {fluffernutter bars - four ingredients - no bake}

Want something easy, quick and tasty!  Well here you go!  These are a cinch to whip up and are amazingly tasty! :) A light, crunchy-sweet indulgent treat.  Want to make some?  You will need a whopping FOUR ingredients. 
 You need:
16oz vanilla candy melts (separated in half)
1 1/2cups of peanut butter
box of Ritz crackers
7oz of marshmallow fluff
Melt half of the candy as per directions on the package, spread out onto your pan lined with parchment paper. (Regular cookie sheet size)
 Quickly add a layer of Ritz. 
Warm up the peanut butter in a glass dish until pourable, then pour over crackers. 
Spread it out evenly. 
Do the same with the marshmallow fluff. 
Top with another layer of crackers. 
Melt the other half of candy and spread out on top of crackers, add sprinkles (because sprinkles make everything better).

Allow to cool completely, in the fridge if you'd like, and then cut in the bars.

And that is it!  Painless right? Enjoy and share with your people! :)
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