how to crochet a {tiny} heart!

My IG feed is equally full of people making these adorable hearts and people who want to learn how!  Since it's so easy, I thought I would show you!  I suggest for learning certain stitches or methods.  Or you could google "How to..." and get lots of results, one of which will suit your learning fancy.  Treble and triple are often interchangeable.   

And in case you like to see directions all at they are for you!

Have fun making some! :)


Jessica said...

Love this tutorial! Thanks so much. I tried another variation on the tiny heart this week with the most lopsided hearts ever. With your pictures, I was much more successful! Thanks!

carey said...

Very cute! Thank you for sharing. This would make a fun little decoration with them all strung together. :)

Paula said...

Awesome tutorial! xoxo

paula @weewhimsicals

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