how to knit socks {a beginning beginners guide to getting started}

I just completed my first ever pair of hand knitted socks!!!  I had tried several times before and failed miserably and decided that I would try one last time, using every resource available to me and if it didn't work this time, I was going to give it up forever!

I'm happy to say that my last try was a success!  I have a pair of socks, that I knit, that are pretty much the same size as one another!  They fit well and they feel great!  Woo hoo, right!!??   
Now, I am no where near a pro at this.  They took me a long time, I started in September and finished in August BUT I only really worked on these while I was waiting for something (the boys to get out of school or at the doctors office or during church and the occasional Saturday afternoon).  I went into the process with no expectations to finish quickly but seized every opportunity to knit a row or two.  

And even though I am still learning a lot (waiting on my next yarn order to come in the mail!) I thought I would compile a little list of to-do as you start. 
I asked questions (of real people and Google).  A lot of questions.  I went to an actual yarn store and told the lady my mission and asked for her help in getting started.  And you know what?  She was actually REALLY helpful!

My favorite online inspiration is Amanda from heyPorkchop! She has this post on very handy sock details!

At Amanda's recommendation I bought and used this book.  It reads easily, makes sense and gives you lots of different options for starting, the heel, stopping and the process.  You can read several ways of doing things and choose the one that makes sense to you.  I did find that if I just DID what the directions said, it made sense after I did it.  You know, instead of it making sense by just reading it.  I found this on Amazon.  
These needles were my favorites.  I had two pair, one for each sock.  I have a bamboo pair that I didn't like as much.  It's personal preference really but I found that the yarn really flowed nicely over the metal versus the wood.  I bought these in the local knitting shop.    
The yarn I used was a yarn I found at a local knitting store.  I asked for the sock yarns and picked the prettiest yarn I could find.  I find that the various colors helped keep my attention a little better than a solid would. 
I bought some fancy soap for washing my socks that I worked so hard on.  I found this on Amazon.  
I thought pretty sock blockers would help me be motivated as well. Couldn't hurt right?  I found these on Ebay.

That's it.  Just add a heap of patience and you can do it too!  I hope you have fun trying, or trying to talk yourself into it!

Leave any helpful resources you have in the comments for others to use!

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rickimoo said...

You did a great job. This is how I feel about crochet too. I have now made 2 pairs of slippers. The first pair I followed the directions and they were to be a size 6-7 to fit me. When all done they came out to a size men 10 and fit my husband! ha ha So I was told I needed to try a smaller hook and try again. Worked better the second time. Just have to keep trying. I think I would like to try sock too just got to go for it. Love your yarn choice.

Judy said...

This is my secret dream. One day I will knit and make socks!!! Thanks for the tips

Judy said...

This is my secret dream. One day I will knit and make socks!!! Thanks for the tips

Martha said...

Those are awesome. I want to knit socks.I will be taking my very first ever knitting class next week so...that's step 1 right? Will probably make lots of square things first,washcloths,coasters etc. before I will even dare attempt socks. BUT that is my goal !!! Wish me luck.

Needles and Wool said...

hey I came across your blog looking for tips on knitting my very first pair of socks also :) congratulations on completing your first pair :) that's great!

Barbara Lowell said...

I want to find yarn that comes out in these little stripes of so many colors but sometimes I buy yarn and it is so beautiful but just pools in blobs. What did this yarn look like when it was in a skein. I can see it in a ball but yo cannot tell when yo buy yarn in a skein how it will knit up. Any hints would be appreciated.

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