25 elf on the shelf ideas! {pin for next year!}

I know I already posted a few of these, so sorry for the repeats, I just wanted to get them all in one place for me and you! :) I hope you had a lovely Christmas, I have big things in store for us in 2014! :) (Day one: our elf arrives the day after Thanksgiving and brings the boys their new ornament for the year!)
Day two: we wrap our Christmas books every year and open one a day.  We also get the boys a new Christmas book every year!
December 1 our elf lays out a map leading the boys to their advents for the year! 
Elf pancakes anyone? 
 A new friend arrives!
 Paper cranes from wrapping paper!
Elves are excellent sewists.  
 And pilots. 
 Trust exercises.
 "How to be a reindeer" class. 
 Pin the nose on the snowman.
 Time out for naughtiness. 
 Waiting to long to go...
 Hang gliding!
 Rock climbing!
 Tried to interfere with the Grinch!
 Spiderman to the rescue!
Narwhal races!
 Snowflake making!
 Sleigh leaps through rings of fire!!
 Knitting school!

Hope you enjoyed our elves as much this year as we did! :)



Jackie said...

Those are good elf ideas. I don't have time to dedicate to something that involved, so I am more than happy to live vicariously through others, and also glad that my kids know nothing about the elf on the shelf. I do wrap up advent books for them. I picked up some news ones for this year earlier and some for next year during the after christmas sales. I also added some fun ones from the library to round it out. Looking forward to 2014!

Lindsey said...

These are so so so so cool!!!!!!!

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