all the hohos!!

In case you wonder what I do with my time...I made monsters for a living.  Lately, it's pretty much all day, every day! :) I just got through a huge waiting list for these bitties {above}. 
 And have you let me make one of these for you yet?  You send me an item that means a lot to you {a favorite outfit, or blanket, etc} and I make it into a one of a kind lovey for your little one {or YOU!}. 
 Is there a better way to enjoy a favorite outfit your little one wore? :)
Right?  Let me do this for you! :) There's still time to get one before Christmas! :) 
And as I have been focusing on growing my hoho kingdom, all sorts of ideas are bubbling to the surface.  I have a LOVELY and wonderful group of people who adore my hohos, and I adore them!  I want to add to my "line" but not take the focus off of my hohos.  Add a neice with a birthday, a hoho and a backpack and above you have my first prototype! But it wasn't quite "hoho" enough for me!
And then this happened.  Perfect!! Lovely!  An adorable hoho that is a back pack! These are toddler size with straps about 14in long.  The body is about 10in by 7in, the perfect size for hauling little treasures or snacks! I'm taking a few orders for them {they are $35} and offering free shipping for a limited time!  You can get one by emailing me at!

Lovely!  Right? :)

Thanks for all of your lovely support, your kind words and your enthusiasm!  I have a dream job and that is thanks in part to YOU! :) So thank you for that! :)

Have a lovely Friday!

And while you're here...don't forget to enter to win a Keurig and a gift basket! :)  
And check out my post on Capri Sun


cocugumlaeglenirken said...

this is nice idea

Jackie said...

Darling toddler hoho backpack. Great job!

April@MySacredSojourn said...

So cute!! I haven't visited in awhile, but I'm so happy to see that you're doing well and the hoho kingdom is growing. :)


Unknown said...

Yay I am in love with this backpack for Ashton can't wait crystal. Thank you

Unknown said...

Yay I'm so excited to get this backpack for Ashton thank you crystal !!

Bunnyslady said...

That is so exciting! My daughter LOVES the Hoho that you made for her. (I do too!)

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