first and last.

Aaron had his last day of school last week.  This year he was only two days a week but he loved ever minute of it.  Next year he'll be doing four days a week.  Thankful once more to have boys with late birthdays. :) 
Moses made it through the school year!  We bargained and offered incentives and even rewarded him with a new watch for making it all of May with no tears! (I know what a terrible mom I am to offer rewards, right?).  He is looking forward to 1st grade at a new school with a new teacher!  I can't believe kindergarten went by so fast!

Hooray for summer!

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Laura@The Oily Cupboard said...

I need to start doing this (except with my older's totally not cool for photos to be taken for 1st day of school anymore) I think i can get #3 to do this and of course all the's so amazing to see the change

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