and super hero valentines {a repost}

In case cars aren't your's what Sara and I did last year! :) This is a repost from last Valentines Day! :) 

So I will start by stating that these Superhero Valentines are totally inspired by the ones that I found on Zakka Life.  I saw them.  Loved them.  And knew instantly that Moses would love them and simultaneously have an issue with them.  The issue would be "What superhero are they?"  And sure enough, I showed them to him and he asked "What superhero are they supposed to be?".  :)
So with the help of my favorite Designer, Sara, I present you with Superhero specific Valentine pops. 
Moses loves them...and is already excited to take them to his class.  If you recall, the sole reason that Moses wanted to go to school in the first place was Valentines.  Getting and giving them.  
Here is what you need to make them:
Superhero Printables FREE from Less Ordinary Designs
stiff felt (from Micheals)
hole punch
2in paper punch (or you can use scissors)
coordinating ribbon
lollypops (tootsie pops have nice superhero colors)
glue (hot or craft will work)
cape template (I will try to come back and add a pattern for this later...but you can really just do your best to come up with a good cape shape)
Start by punching out your superhero circles.
Emblems are for the capes and the messages are for the lolly sticks. 
Cut out your capes using your pattern.
 Glue the superhero emblems onto the capes. 
 Using your hole punch, punch a hole in the top center of each cape. 
Slide the lollypop through the hole and tie a coordinating ribbon on below.
It helps to twist the pop in like a screw almost.
Punch a hole in the top and bottom of each message printable circle and slide onto the stick.
Yay!  You are done and your OCD child will be happy! :)
I love them.  Moses loves them.  Everyone is happy.  

Hope your day is SUPER! :)

Thanks to Sara for the awesome free printable! :)


TC Harris said...

those are too cute!

carly smith said...

Thanks so much for reposting this. I just got done with Levi's for the year, thanks to you :) Next year he's making his own!! ;)

Penny Wiltshire said...

Fantastic idea! We have been inspired to include this idea in our blog post 'Calling all Super Heroes……..8 Amazing Party Ideas! Website mention and link have been included back to your website. You can see the post here -

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