Top Ten Posts of 2012 and goals for 2013

It's been a good year to be the owner of Little Bit Funky.

I've been blessed with more features than I can list...among my favorites was a feature in Readers Digest, multiple features in popular Canadian magazines, blog features by TLC and Buzzfeed and so many more.  My blessings were more than I could count in 2013 and I am regularly smitten with my job.

I have big plans for 2013, the like of which I have never felt the need to pursue before.  Up until this point I have accepted what has fallen in my lap and worked as hard as I could with that.  This next year I plan on doing a little more pursuing and planning and shifting of things.

For one, I will only be selling hohos in my shop (and patterns).  I am going to work and focus on trying to keep my crafty ADD to a minimum in the shop and instead use that energy to create more "how-to's" here on the blog.

And I'll keep baking.  And sharing my heart and what the Lord is doing there.

I'd love to hear your ideas of what you would like to see featured? 

After you comment with that little nugget of information you can enjoy taking a peek at my top ten posts from 2012.  :)

1.  What I made for Monday - Mini Apple Pies
2.  20 Minute Crafter - DIY Photo Canvas
3.  What I made for Monday - Naughty Naughty Donuts
4.  How to replace your iPhone 4 screen!
5.  How to eat a pomegranate!
6.  Painting wooden spoons.
7.  Handprint snowman ornaments!
8.  20 Minute Crafter - Reindeer thumbprint ornaments
9.  How to turn a mason jar into a spillproof cup (with a straw)
10.  Cinnamon rolls in a waffle iron!

I wish you much love and happiness in 2013.  I am so SO very grateful for each and everyone of you that stop by and say hello.  It's kind of amazing the vast number of friends I have made through this blog, certainly something I never planned on.  But you all have made my neighborhood bigger, my Christmas card list longer and my heart fuller.  Thank you!

Happy New Year!


a quick idea for your Christmas cards {make them into coffee table books}

Do you keep all of your Christmas cards from Christmases past? I do.  I love to look through them all, it's like a hands on reminder of so many of the blessings in my life, reminders of friends and family and all the good from the past.
Until recently I just kept them in a box and at Christmas time brought them out and maybe put them in a pretty basket or something.  
Then a light bulb went off.  I organized them into years, bought some book rings (from Staples for about $3) and made them into coffee table books.  The boys (and me) already love to flip through them and they look a little more intentional than books thrown in a basket. 
They are also available in larger sizes and silver. 
Just start with your smallest card so you know that both of your holes will fit on all of your cards. :) 
Stack the cards and thread the rings through.
It took me a good chunk of time because I went back and did all the years since we were married but now I just have to keep up with it every year.  
So simple and so awesome. :)

This would be great to do with yearly birthday cards for your kids to add to every year too! 

Have fun making some!

Our Christmas home...

Christmas has come and gone...but I thought I would take a post to document our Christmas home. 
Moses created some awesome art this season...I LOVE this sweet gingerbread man...
...and this adorable reindeer.  I love seeing his creations and how his art is growing. 
We made gingerbread houses that stayed in tact the whole season.
And this adorable pine cone tree is a favorite creation I have of Aaron's. 

I finally took some time on Christmas Eve to add words to my pallet tree. 

Aaron repeatedly rearranged all of the nativities he could touch so that everyone included could see baby Jesus.  
Art made by friends is best. :) 

Vintage goodness encased in jars. 

We received these ornaments from Doug's grandma.  

This whole red shelf was full of my nativities. 
Christmas tree number one...
...and number two. 
Every nook of our house was full of Christmas.  
In fact, every nook of our hearts was full of Christmas, too.


31 days of Elf on the Shelf (31 Elf Ideas)

We had a great time with our Elf on the Shelf, Porkchop this year.  Here's our compilation of ideas to help you out next year!
1.  Porkchop brought the boys their yearly ornaments on his debut morning!
2.  Then he tp'ed the tree.
3.  He built a house of cards from our old Christmas cards.
4.  Porkchop brought the boys elf sized kisses (chocolate chips covered in Hershey papers).
5.  Roasting marshmallows by the fireplace.
6.  Potty time!
7.  Chef Porkchop made snowman donuts!
8.  Tire swing time!
9.  Move night.
10.  Sick day from too much candy!
11.  Fun with window markers.
12.  Tight rope walker!
13.  Elf fly by!
14.  Chef Elf made gingerbread cookies!
15.  Pooper scooper duty!
16.  Cookie machine. 
17.  Porkchop saved Christmas from the Grinch!
18.  Porkchop left elf seeds and dirt....
19.  ...that grew into Elf pops!
20.  Some elf style camping.  
21.  Porkchop does some painting.
22.   Elf yourself on the Ipad!
23.  Elves love syrup on spaghetti!
24.  Super Porkchop! 
25.  Shave and a haircut!
26.  Zip line!
27.  A tasty predicament!
28.  Banister sledding!
29.  Elfie selfies.
30.  Incognito elf!
31.  All packed up and heading back to the north pole!  See ya next year!

I hope you had as much fun with your elf as we did with ours!  It was worth every minute of prep and work to see how much joy this little guy brought to MY little guys!

Stay tuned for more Christmas catch up this week!


20 minute crafter - doily initial totes

Thought you might enjoy the super complicated process that it making one of these adorable doily initial totes....

You need a tote (I got these from, a doily (from Michaels) and some paint (I used acrylic). 
Place doily on tote, dab dab dab with a sponge brush...stencil like...
Remove doily...
...use a stencil to add an initial and fill in with paint. :)

Done! :) 

teacher gifts 2012 {how to make hand warmers}

This year was a little challenging in the "teacher gift" area because I had seven lovely ladies who cared for my boys this year.  I still wanted to spoil them a bit because I fully believe in being good to any person who spends any amount of time with any of my guys but SEVEN was going to be tough.

But with some planning and starting early I was able to pull it all together with the last one being delivered today!

Each teacher/staff/bus driver got a chapstick cozy, a tissue cozy, a tote with their initial, a pouch, a tin of homemade cookies, a mini chalkboard and a set of hand warmers.  Aaron's teachers also got an ornament with snowmen made from his handprint. 

The result is a nice little package of homemade goodness, enough to say "We love you and thank you!"

Want to make some quick hand warmers?  They only take about ten minutes...ready?
You need two cotton 5 by 5in squares and two flannel 5 by 5in squares. 
Sandwich them together like this...
Sew around the edges, leave an opening....turn right side out and iron...
Fill with 1/2 cup rice and 1 tbs of dried lavender (optional).
I made a paper funnel for this part...
...once you add the lavender sew the opening closed.  Done!
They can be warmed in the microwave for a few seconds and put in your coat pocket for warmth!

Have fun!
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