40 ideas - Num 14 - Salt Dough Ornaments

I hope you didn't think I had forgotten this lovely idea of mine, did you?  I promise I didn't.  I will end this series with 40 actual ideas that you can use to have fun with your kids.  It just got put on hiatus for a bit because we moved our life a couple hours away, and then summer, and school, etc.

But it's not dead. :)
Recently I mentioned on Instagram (littlebitfunky) that the boys and I were making salt dough ornaments.  Overall, people replied with the terrible results they got when trying to make them themselves so I thought I would share the recipe and how-to that we used so maybe you could have some better results? 

Salt Doug Ornaments Recipe
4 cups of all purpose flour
1 cup of salt
1 1/2cups of warm water

I combined the above items and used a wooden spoon to mix and then eventually got my hands in there to combine everything thoroughly.  Then knead, knead, knead until the dough is smooth and soft. I think this may be the area where issues arise.  The dough really needs to be kneaded for a good bit of time, using the base of your palm to push into the dough.

Once the dough is nice and smooth you will want to roll it out onto a well floured surface.  Somewhere between 1/4in and 1/8in is good thickness.  Cut into shapes with cookie cutters and if desired knead the scraps together and roll it out again. 

Bake at 325 for one hour.  Allow to cool and then paint with acrylics then seal with mod podge for best results.

We had perfect results.  I hope you find the same to be true for you! :)



Cristi Baxter Clothier said...

We tried this last year and had not so great results because I didn't roll it out thin enough.

Both my boys are home sick this week. Gonna try this again today! Great way to keep them busy

Unknown said...

I'm going to try these! I know that your husband's name is Doug...each time the word dough is used, you have doug :)

Made me smile! Off to make some!

Anonymous said...

very nice! I've tried the recipe last Easter, and this year I made ornaments with cinnamon and apple juise!

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