heavy hearted.

Often I pray "break my heart for what breaks yours".  I want to be compassionate and sensitive to the needs of the world around me.  Sometimes the breaking is more than I can handle.

I want to be a tool used by God to spread his love.  I want love, above all else, to be the thing that people most associate with me.

But can I let you in on something?  I am still learning how to be loving, yet boldly standing in the truth, uncompromising in the things God has set forth for our lives.

God is very clear on, well, all things.  I believe that there is no area that God leaves grey in his word.  He puts in place standards and rules for life to gently guide us in the way we are to go.

If that were the only factor to wrestle with, how easy would our lives as Christ lovers be?  So easy.  Go on with life, ask God's response to all we do, act accordingly, go on with life.

It would be so easy.

So easy.

But life on this Earth is not easy.  Never.  We have God's word, at least there is that constant.  What makes the water muddy are those who work and try to bend the rules to suit their whims, setting new and better standards for what is best, sometimes on a seemingly daily basis.

What makes the water muddy is being immersed in a society that is forever pushing the envelope of what is acceptable or OK.  What is OK today becomes barbaric tomorrow.  These societal standards, set to make people the most "happy", to be a convenience to their whims, to help everyone to feel accepted no matter how steep their sin, to make people the most comfortable, to do what we like best, is killing our country.

The ironic part is that God's standards never change.  He never shifts to suit our mood.  He is constant and always.  His dependability is amazing.   

How to be a light in this world as I struggle with my own sin?  It's the biggest breaking I am blessed with.  I don't long to be comfortable in a world that says I'm entitled to it, rather, being comfortable makes me uneasy because sin makes you comfortable.  I long instead, to be firmly planted in the Truth.  I long to be unwavering in standards, I long to extend love always yet remain planted in truth.   
I can feel the walk narrowing around me.  Standing by God's word is becoming abnormal in a country once based on it.  Christian churches are cowering from the truth to get bigger numbers.  Filling people with a false sense of OK that fades easily on a Monday morning.  Fewer and fewer Christian bloggers will speak truth instead of what will get them the most followers.

People cower from calling out sin in the name of not making anyone unhappy with them.

Somehow pleasing each other temporarily has become more important that pleasing the one we will spend eternity with.   
I for one, (sometimes painfully if I'm being honest) will struggle to produce truth as I am coming to understand it, no matter who it pleases so long as it pleases the One I will have to present it to in the end.  

I will speak the truth in love, even when it hurts because that is what we are called to do.  I will not compromise to make friends but I will fight to love all with His eyes.

I know I can't be alone in this struggle.  Are there ways you've come to speak truth despite it's pain or unpopularity?  How do you struggle with the things that break His heart?


agravette said...

I know exactly what you mean...I guess living here in the Bible Belt in the South, it's easier to say what's right and what's wrong to people because they already know the truth. But with our younger people, those who aren't being brought up in church, they can't understand why it's not enough just to let everyone be and make the choices that make them "happy." I think, like you, that all we can do is speak up for God with love for the sinner, remembering that we too still sin. There are no easy answers but if we truly love people, we'll be honest and love them enough to tell them the truth. Love your posts and your honesty.

derekcindyterp said...

Oh, I love reading your posts. Another great one today. I do respectfully disagree on one thing though, unless I misunderstand what you wrote. I think there ARE grey areas in the bible. Areas, where each of us is left to gather what we can from what God teaches us in His word, and come to a way of understanding it. For instance, on another blog I follow, there has lately been a huge discussion, and lots of differing opinions on birth control, and if we should leave it up to God as to how many children we should have. I am from the Canadian Reformed church, and quite conservative. And nowhere in the bible does it out and out say an answer to this. All we can do is our research and a lot of bible reading, and desipher for our own hearts what God tries to tell us about it. And that is just one example that I have come across lately. Wow, that ended up a bit longer than I thought it would, and perhaps not really what you were looking for in response to this post! ;)Just some foor for thought I guess. ;)

driftwoodthimble.com said...

I struggle with these thoughts seemingly on a daily basis these days. Not being brought up a Christian and then finding God at 27 has made me an anomaly with family and friends. Add to the fact that we then moved from our home in Hampshire England to the Buckle of the Bible belt (Tulsa) for my husband’s job and I am suddenly surrounded by very conservative Christians – the majority of whom have grown up in Christian households. I struggle with the judgment of others that I hear from many of them. Condemning lifestyle and decisions that others are making – when those ‘other’ people do not yet know God. I remember being the judged one and feeling very wounded by that judgment, helping cement my beliefs that they could keep their God…if that’s what it meant to be a Christian, they could keep it. Then I met a lady that showed me Jesus, her words, her actions – all of it new to me. No judgment, just guidance and unconditional love – that pointed me to recognize and accept God. Only after that point of acceptance and surrender did I recognize the areas that I had to make changes. So it is from my own experience that I cringe when I hear Christians judging non-Christians and when that judgment arises in any of us, I think it is something we need to question and pray about. Yes the world is a secular place, but I really believe that God places people in all of our paths its our job to “Preach the Gospel at all times and when necessary use words”

Becky said...

Great Word, today! Praying you will find the right words - the ones from Him for whatever situation you find yourself in! Speak Truth in love! Awesome!

---Becky, philippians4four.blogspot.com

Anonymous said...

I completely understand what you are talking about when our country is changing their standards to make people happy. I live in the very spiritually dry Northeast where everyone is very liberal and the question is often brought up, (to myself at least) should I talk to this person about Jesus? I'm so afraid of being kicked or rejected by this person and also I'm afraid of coming across as "judgemental." I do believe we have to find that boldness and go forward in a loving way. In our own sinful nature, I only can thank God that His Grace is sufficient.

Barbara said...

I fell like I struggle with this especially because I am part of the generation that is pushing to create all of this new social acceptance and change. It is incredibly hard to stand up for truth when there are times it would alienate me. I have had many a disagreement with my friends, often feeling as though I don't have the words necessary to change their hearts. At times like that we can only pray and hope that He can help us move them. The flipside is that, just as Jesus ate with tax-collectors and sinners, we are compelled to show love to everyone. For some, it's a thin line between speaking the truth taking on the judgement. We need to love as he loved, while trying to show others truth. We can do it through the strength he gives us. Thanks for your honesty!!

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