my little Gnomie. {how to DIY a gnome costume}

Since my boys were born just about, every year I've asked them if they wanted to be a gnome for trick or treat time and every year I got shot down...until this year.  I asked Aaron what he wanted to be and he said "I don't know, you pick"...yesssss!  I got to work!
The best part is that if you really want could get away with only making the beard...but I bet with some looking you could find one of those if you wanted.  I just knew that I wanted to spend as little as possible.  
The shirt and pants, I found at Target and can be used like normal clothes after trick or treating. 
The flower is a clip on and the belt is just some vinyl and velcro.  You could totally find a belt to use without making it. 

I made the beard with some fur fabric and felt but you could use just felt to make it easy.

For the boots I just spray painted some old rain boots black. 

The hat is just some felt and the stiffest iron on interfacing I could find.  
Simple, easy and most of all inexpensive.  Most everything can be re-used.  Clothes can be worn and the extra items will be added to our dress up bins.

And there you have the cutest gnome on the block! :)


Holly said...

I cant stand the cuteness! Love it!

Anonymous said...

He has got to be the cutest gnome I've ever seen!

Angie Mae said...

So adorable! I'm going to have two little gnomes for Halloween too but, they are girl gnomes. I think gnomes are the cutest costumes ever!

Gail said...

Cutest.Gnome.Ever! Great job on the DIY, too, especially the clothes that can be worn later. I hope your gnome is happy he let you pick -- he should be!

Cheryl Petersen said...

Nice costume. You have quite the little actor too!

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