Happy Birthday "Where's Waldo"!

The boys were thrilled to receive costumes from The Morris Company to celebrate "Where's Waldo"'s 25th birthday!  It's hard to believe that he is 25 this year!

The boys love the books and were more than happy to act the part of Waldo in their new costumes.

Thanks for sending them and happy birthday Waldo! 


Mrs. Dilday said...

Those are super great costumes!!! Do they make them in grown up size? That would be great in the Library. So cute. I love seeing what the boys are up to. :)

Linda said...

Your kids look so cute in their costumes! Absolutely adorable! I bet they had a great time too. My grandson likes the Waldo books as well. I always loved looking at them with him. He is six now and not as eager to sit and do something, he is much more into being active! That's what six year olds do, but unfortunately granny's knees can't keep up with a six year old. No matter I love him to pieces. Enjoy your days with your boys while they are still somewhat small; it goes by SO FAST. I wish I could go back.

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