crazy making cure.

Things that make me crazy:
microsoft word
spelling a lot "alot"
double negatives 
strangers who touch you 
when people don't hold the door for the person behind them
when the couch touches the wall. 

That last one...all day long I was fixing it.  You know, because my children believe that in order to sit on the couch you have to get a running start from the other room and then HURL your body head first onto it.  Made me crazy in a special way.  Pinterest to the rescue.  Specifically this post from Shoestring Sophistication.   
The original post used a 12in wide board, stained and cut to the length of the couch.  I used a 4in wide board, spray painted.  I just wanted a little something back there and 12in would have been way too much.  
This size is just right to hold a drink, or prop some photos on.  Not sure yet what will live there but I'm thrilled with it in it's naked state. 
Most importantly the couch is not smoooooshed up against the wall.  
The windows caused a bit of debate as to whether or not to put a little shelf there or not.  In the end we chose to do so and I think it looks great!

Now to get those hideous pillows covered...


Artsy Matilda said...

What a great idea! Smooched against the wall sofas make me crazy as well. And I absolutely adore your blog header. It makes me happy immediately when it loads up.

tigerchick said...

Great solution!!!

tigerchick said...

Great solution!!!

Kathryn said...

What a great idea! When you said to get the pillows covered, I hope you didn't mean the throw pillows! I love them! Perfect colors! I also love the "God" wall hanging... do you think you could show the whole thing in a picture? Would love to see it all. Thanks!
p.s. I'm loving your blog! :)

Teapots & Robots said...

what an amazing idea! i am SO doing it! My kids run and jump on our couch too and it makes me nuts! ;)
thanks for sharing the wealth!

Amy said...

Can I ask where you got your couch from? I'm kind of loving it! :)

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