big doin's

To say that we've been having fun since being home is an understatement.  Yesterday pretty much sums up our time home so far where we spent the whole day party hopping.  From one fun place to the next, I'm positive that we spent more time with people just yesterday then we did our entire time in Charlottesville. It was a good day.  We ended it with the Hokie's welcome back picnic.  Moses LOVES anything Virginia Tech so being able to eat dinner and rub elbows with the football players was pretty fun for him (and all of us really!).  At the end of the event I talked my sister-in-law into going down on the field to talk photos of our kids sitting there.  We're a pretty good team because I'll explore any idea and ask any question and she knows all the right people to ask!     
While we were waiting for the speakers to start, the football players filed through the stands.  Aaron stood in this spot and gave most of the football team a high five when they passed through.  
Then he got a little pat on the back from Frank Beamer.  Pretty exciting stuff if you're a Hokie.  
My adorable nephew got in on the action too...
...cutest baby I've ever seen on a football field.  :)

An awesome day for sure.  I'm hoping that tomorrow sets the stage for a new, calmer and more organized routine because.... Moses starts Kindergarten!!!

So pray for my heart and pass the tissues!


Jessi said...

How cool! That will be something cool to share with their kids when they're older.

I cried the entire day on Ashlyn's first day of Kindergarten. She absolutely loved it, of course. But I was a mess. I held back the tears until I exited the school. I was trying to be brave in front of her, which I did, but as I started walking to the car I passed a big burly dad who was dropping his baby off to Kindergarten for the first time and he was BAWLING!! And that did it for me. I burst into tears and went home and cried almost the entire day. It's tough stuff watching them grow up! I'll be thinking of you <3

Angela said...

It's cool to hear abuot your experience at Virginia Tech. I worked at Radford University for three years and LOVED living in the New River Valley. I moved back to Alabama to be closer to my family, but still smile everytime I see any reference of anything close to Radford. Thanks for making me smile today!

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