t-ball 2012

Moses did t-ball for the first time this year.  It's our first leap into organized sports.  As I signed him up, I thought, here goes the next 18 years or so.  Once you start sports, there's no going back.  When we took him to his first practice, he cried almost the whole time.  He doesn't do "new" too well but in the end we told him he wasn't allowed to quit, that he had made a choice to play and that he would see it through to the end.  And he did great.  I'm actually surprised with how much he learned and changed in such a short amount of time.

He had fun.  Learned about baseball and how to be on a team.  It was a good experience for him and I'm glad we refused his request to quit. 

This pretty much sums up t-ball. 

Too bad all sports games aren't limited to 45 minute games and practices once a week!


Jeanette said...

Kids add so much joy to our lifes. My son is now 22 and the only time I ever liked baseball was when he played and yes we had the no quit rule.

jonahbonah said...

We've done one year of t-ball, one year of soccer, and one year of flag football. I think it's safe to say my kids aren't really in to organized sports just yet. And I'm ok with that!!

Now, leave them with the great outdoors to do what they please....I can't hardly drag them inside.

Love the mitt on the head! I have lots of jake drawing in the clay.

Heather said...

I loved the picture of the mitt on the head. My daughter used to pick flowers while in the outfield, waiting for other kids to bat when she was in T-ball. Yes, that pretty much sums up T-ball, but it's also great for memories.

wmcswain said...

Love it! Do you mind me asking what you used to shoot the photos in this post?

Amber Martin said...

Moses is one cute t-ball player! My son had his first year of t-ball as well and I found myself thinking the same thing "oh boy, here starts the beginning of busy!" But it really is such a great experience for these little ones and those games are pretty entertaining. (thank goodness they are short) Since my husband is a big sports guy I know it's going to be a part of our life so might as well enjoy it :)

Hope you guys are doing well with your big move!

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