end of the year party? what?

Moses' class is having its end of the year party tomorrow...guess how I spent my morning? 
I love that a series of simple tricks can make for a good result.   At least I think the result is good.
Freeze and bake sugar cookies...pre-made fondant...cookie cutters and fresh cookie frosting (from scratch).  
Also, edible markers are fun!  Have you tried them?
Much easier than I thought...as easy as regular markers. 
And end of the school year?  How did we get here already?
Moses will be in kindergarten next year, but I'm not ready to talk about that. :)
Also on my list to make for the party were brownies...the least I could do was make them cute. 
This is just leftover cookie frosting, a star tip and piping bag.  In throw away tins. 
Being Wonder Woman just means having a good series of tricks up your sleeve.  :)

Sometimes it just takes a little time and effort to make everyday things look a little more magical.  At least that's what I tell myself.

How are you celebrating the end of the school year?  Are you ready for your kids to be home 100% of the time?  Which team are you on...the I love my kids home all the time team or the dear lord help me until September team? 



Jessi said...

Those are awesome! You're so cool at this stuff! I am pretty decent when I do bake which is rare! I'm on the can't wait to have my kids home team. School seriously throws a huge kink in my day and working around it is a pain in my rear! I miss my kids when they're gone! I'm so excited it's over but can't believe that it IS over. Boy that went fast!

PS, be my mommy? :)

Dear Boys Love Mom said...

What the heck?! I want to be like you!! I am not nearly that creative and even if it was easy, I would suck at it. My son and I were just about to make sugar cookies and he said that he wants to make shark cookies instead of chocolate chip. Do you ship? haha!

Sarah B. said...

Adorable cookies....and I love my kids being home for about 6 weeks and then I am on countdown for school to start...lol.

cara said...

Adorable (as always). Where do you buy your pre-made fondant? Do you color it yourself? I love the look of it, but haven't been brave enough to try it yet! Enjoy your little ones being home! Cara (mrs.mcgrady@hotmail.com)

Pegg Macko said...

You better be ready to share lots of those secrets with the other Moms. They are going to be envious of your talents. Very cute and sweet sweets for a very special time. Have fun at your party!

Margaret said...

Very cute! All treats at our school have to be store bought :( However tomorrow is my daughter's birthday party, and she wants rainbow cupcakes. I will get to bake some fun treats.

I work outside of the home, but I still love when my kids are out of school. We let them have a later bed time, so we get to do more fun things. Plus we make a summer to do list, so even though I am at work during the day we get to pack in a lot of fun things. Plus they get to come have lunch with me during the summer :)

Joy Morris said...

Super cute! You make it sound super easy, but I know I couldn't pull it off. I can cook decently well, but baking . . . that's another story. I was just making simple cupcakes last week and even though I sprayed the pan and used a nice Pampered Chef stone pan at least half of my cupcakes got stuck. Ok for me to eat, but not to bring anywhere. I usually make it taste ok, it always looks terrible. I'm jealous!

Kimberly said...

Your cookies and brownies look incredible! Great job, Wonder Woman!

I don't have any kids, but if I ever do I think I'll probably be on the "Is It September Yet?" team. ;)


Sarah M. said...

I bet they had a "whale" of a time eating all those delicious and CUTE treats. Yay for parties! ☺

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