20 minute crafter-- Pez dispenser display!

Last week I solved a simple, little, annoying problem. 
My boys (and I) like Pez dispensers.  But like stuffed animals and gremlins, if you leave them alone in a room together, they WILL multiply.  They were everywhere and there was no reigning them in.
I spied this idea in Family Fun magazine and I knew I'd be making one...or two.  
I got a HUGE oval quilting hoop from Joann for about $3.50 and two yard sticks from Lowe's for .64c each. 
I measured, cut and leveled out the yardsticks.  Then while I have it all laying level and flat, I tack it together with wood glue. 
When that was dry, I reinforced it a bit more with more wood glue.  
When it was totally dry, I used scissors to cut off the excess glue. 
 Spray paint it, sand it and hang it!
Once in our new house, I will hang it firmly in place.  
And that's it.  One collection of little things under wraps.  Easy, peasy! :)


Beck said...

Ohhh Pez!! I used to love these!! i'm new to your blog & loving it :)
xo Beck

Unknown said...

Good job! (and what a Pez collection! Pez reminds me of my childhood :-)

Crystalyn said...

This is amazing! I wish I had seen this when we were hanging up my husband's Pez collection. Of course, it wouldn't have held all of them... He has over 400!! (Our basement looks like a toy factory threw up.) But I think this would work great in my daughter's room for her little toys.

Anonymous said...

Cannot wait to let my son help make one of these for his aunt for her birthday. I'm not sure who will be more excited, him making something or her receiving it! Thanks so much for the tutorial! :)

Anonymous said...

So cute & easy!! Makes me want to start collecting Pez's just so I can make one & have a cool decoration too.
Have a Happy Mother's Day!
Susan : )

Unknown said...

Super cute! Great job.

Peggy Rice said...

That is sweet!! Love it!

Peggy Rice said...

That is sweet!!! I love it!

Tracy said...

Love this! It would work great in my son's room to display Lego Minifigures!

tracylee said...

Oh my gosh! That's brilliant!! I've been wondering what to do with this collection forever! I came close to getting rid of them more then once but I couldn't do it. There so old school-new school cool that I knew I wanted to keep them. Thanks for solving a very old problem, and cheap to boot!

Susan said...

This is great!! And not expensive! My collection isn't that big, but I definitely need a place to put it, and this is a wonderful solution! THANKS!

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