the sass i have to deal with.

Doug and I are both very sarcastic, quick witted either get us or you don't.  All I know is that more often than not, not a day goes by without sore cheeks from laughing.  I also know that we have passed a certain amount of sass onto our kids...who seem to be able to toe the line in their quick wittedness as seen in this conversation:
aaron: don't wook at me MOM!!
me: i can look at you if i want to, i made you.
aaron: no you didn't...JESUS did.
aaron whispers defiantly to his brother: mom didn't make us...Jesus did, right mimi ? will be a funny journey in this house. :)


~Maxine~ said...

I so feel your "pain". Same in my house but my oldest kids are older and it has worn on me. What a blessing to read your post on this. A good reminder to appreciate that we have passed this to our children.

Holly said...

so sweet. We have passed similar traits on in our house. Never a dull day!

Stephanie said...

AHAHAHAHA! classic :)
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Shana Putnam said...

now that is an indisputable fact lol. love it.

Anonymous said...

OOO we seem to have passed this on to our kids as well! luckly most people are friendly and see where it comes from...My 11 year old is quick! as is my 4 year old...NEVER a dull moment!

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