civilized couponing 101-Lesson 2

Did you guys think I gave up on couponing? 
Well I didn't!  I was out for a couple of weeks because of illness but I am in it more than ever and getting better every day!  I was so excited to hear that I got so many of you to at least try to get in the game and I am convinced that THIS post will get even more of you into it...are you ready for how awesome this will be?    

This week, I aim to convince you to at LEAST try CVS...or at least start there.  THIS is my best series of trips to date and I am excited to share the details with you!

Now these items were purchased on one trip...I honestly don't remember all the specifics but I'll share what I remember. 
All the razors and cartridges were on sale for $9.99 each.  For each one you got $4 in Extra Bucks (CVS money) and I had a coupon for $4 for each razor and set of cartridge.  In the end each item was $2 each...I do remember averaging the cost of each razor blade and it being .88c each.  Not too bad right? 
I know the Thermacare was free with Extra Bucks.  I think the Colgate was .50 each with coupons and Extra Bucks. 
What I DO that on my next trip to CVS...
using ONLY Extra Bucks, coupons and $3...I got ALL of this and $9 in Extra really CVS paid me $6 to buy this stuff. 

And if you notice, it's all normal stuff that we would normally use!

There are no tricks involved...I only used coupons, cash and CVS Extra Bucks.  I do now buy two newspapers because I learned that the bigger papers (I get the Washington Post) give you MORE coupons and higher value coupons. 

HERE is a great post on how to learn CVS and other drug stores. 

I would also encourage you to follow For the Mommas and Hip2Save for really great daily deals and heads up on hot coupon items!  I don't regularly visit their blogs but just follow them on Facebook.
For example...earlier this week Hip2Save posted about this great deal at Target that I was able to scoop up because of her heads up on Facebook.   Target had Mederma (think stretchmarks?) on sale for $2 (normally $17) and the Mederma website had $2 off coupons making the Mederma....FREE! :)

See?  Easy stuff.  (Nearly) effortlessly saving amazing amounts of money on NORMAL things! 

I've made it my goal to never pay full price for anything ever again...and I will work hard on getting all my toiletries for free or pennies!

So have I convinced any more of you to jump in?  WHY pay full price?   


April said...

Yea convinced me with your CVS haul earlier this week...I immediately went and got my lil' self an extra care card and with my coupons got loads of Purex for next to nothing 2 Giant bags of M&M's for $4.50 and cheap toilet paper, because really who wants to spend $$$ on toiler paper and yep bucks to boot for a later trip..... Thanks for pushing me over the edge.

ashleigh said...

i for real need to start this; i always have good intentions but then i forget coupons or i realize i dont NEED IT.

Vera said...

I can only wish that couponing was this exciting in this part of the world!

Victoria said...

You go! That is awesome. I have done decent with couponing over the past two years but haven't been as good about it lately.

I saw your post about your son's cavities and I have a close friend who is a dentist and she told me cavities are more about bacteria and if the bacteria is transferred into their mouth at a young age, they are going to have cavities no matter what you do. No doubt drinking a bottle of coke would also rot their teeth but sounds like in your case it is a bacterial situation. :(

Katie said...

congrats on your couponing success! i have been a regular couponer for over a year now and work out of a binder. family of 5, get 2-4 papers per week or order inserts online. i've stocked up on diet coke (my life blood!) the last 2 weeks at walgreens and cvs. plus easter candy and any of the FREE items. couponing has saved my family over $4000 this past year.

Amber said...

thanks so much for sharing your coupon success! your posts have made me decide to try it myself--i mean, who doesn't like free stuff, right? :)

thanks for the inspiration!

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