a thank you and a favor.

Hi friends!

Just wanted to take a moment and thank you SO much for stopping by, for reading, for emailing and commenting and hanging in there for my weeks of health and fitness saturation. :)

I know that health and fitness is a bit out of the ordinary for me on this here blog but I want you to know something...when I consider doing a review or giveaway, the first people I think about is YOU!  There are many offers for giveaways and reviews that I turn down because I don't think it's something that fits in with the feeling here...or would be offensive to many or doesn't saddle up next to my belief system. 

The truth is, I really needed the health and fitness series, with the encouragement of Best Buy and Blogher behind me, to get my butt in gear and MAKE exercise a regular thing to me.  I really do hope you are encouraged on your own journey in some way.

And really...THAT is why I do this whole blog thing in the first place...to encourage journeys.  Whether it's my boys in the future, my husband, my family, my friends (YOU and those I get to hug), the point of most posts is to bring some encouragement, in some form, to this place.  God has taken this blog and done more with and through it than I EVER, EVER imagined years ago when I started it.  I am blown away by all this blog had taught me, the people it has brought into my life and all of the unexpected ways that it has blessed me.

So thank you.  I mean it.  If you've been here since the beginning or are just stopping by for the first time, I am genuinely thankful for you.  You have been part of the blessing and I am grateful and humbled by that.

And I have a favor to ask.  I KNOW how many people pass through these doors.  I want to know why you never say hello?  What makes you stop in and not say a thing?  I'm really curious...this is a call to the lurkers out there...or those I haven't heard from in a while!

I DO try to respond to many comments with an email address attached to them...so I want to hear from you! Please.  Pretty please, with a cherry on top!

Tell me...why lurk?  Why not say hello?  How long have you been here?  How did you find me?  What would you like to see me show you how to make or talk about or share?  How can we make this blog better?

This is your personal invitation to de-lurk and say hello! :) Introduce yourself.  I triple dog dare you...so now you have to.  :)

You would totally make my day...I really DO want to hear from you. :)  


Laura said...

I'll start... I "lurk" because I have a VERY limited time to get through a LOT of blogs while at work (on my lunch break) so I tend to look quickly, pin things that are interesting and move on. I do this with 98% of the blogs I read. Love Little Bit Funky though-- I get lots of great ideas from you. Thanks for all the inspiration!

Leisel said...

you are cute! i have been lurking for a few months. i love your cute, funky style. thanks for sharing YOUR journey-- it is inspiring and we love to hear it. . .

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N said...

Nichole, mother of a 3 year old and one coming Easter:), part-time teacher, have crafterADD, LOVE to cook, and don't have it all together most days :)

*I have left comments before, just not many. :)
*I like reading "what I wish" and praying deeply for those people, because other people praying for them is sometimes what it takes.
*I wouldn't call myself a lurker per se, more of a faithful reader and supporter. (I'm quite picky when I subscribe to blogs :) )
*Supporter as in I pray for you, your family, and your current issues.
*I point other people here for craft ideas and to your etsy.
Peace out and have a awesome weekend!!!!

AMANDA said...

Well hi my names Amanda I have been reading for about 3 years i dont have a blog thats why I havent really said anything lol I loved the heart monitor reveiw and bout it its the best ever thanks!

cbryan said...

Well if you're going to pull out the triple dog dare I guess I'll say hello! I tend to lurk sort of, I usually only leave a comment if I have something unique to say.

Do you print out books of your blog posts? Because that sounds pretty awesome!

verabear said...

Funny, I don't remember when I started following your blog, but it must be just last year so yes I'm kinda late in finding you. I do think I've commented at least once before! haha :)

I'm mostly a lurker so even when a post is really interesting i don't comment. As a blogger too (http://verabear.net) I should know better. But the way I comment also makes me accept that even my readers may not be too chatty. Although, sometimes some posts are really so inviting of feedback, and most of the time my posts are too ordinary i think.

Anyhoo. I have a comment challenge for myself, but I haven't had much luck with it.

Kim said...

I came across your blog via the Blogher and Best Buy posts. I usually don't comment on all posts I read because I'm usually reading from my phone via google reader. If I could comment easily via google reader then I'd comment more--but that is primarily the reason I don't post...but I do read all the blogs I follow!!

everydaymomma said...

Hi! I'm Siobhan from Idaho well from Cali but I now live in northern Idaho and I love it!(just kidding I hate it:;)ahem) I'm a momma to 5 babies my oldest is 9 and my youngest is 1. I have absolutely 0 idea how I found you but I am so glad I did, I have been here for a while now, don't remember how long now. You inspire me make me laugh and brighten my day and I am greatful for you. I also pray for you daily on my list of beautiful stationary ,Thankyou for being you and im saving up to buy a hoho for each of my lovies, :) have a great weekend.

LoserGirl said...

I read through a bloglines.com which is basically a rss reader. I have tons of blogs that I read regularly and it's my one stop reading. Sadly, that makes it harder to comment. To comment, I have to click the link to the actual blogs. And, wow! Does that make me sound lazy! But, it's true. By the time I get to login to bloglines it's late and I am veggie out on the couch.

So, yeah. Laziness would have to be my reason. lol

Jacomijn said...

Well, I do comment sometimes, but most of the time many ladies before me have said the same thing I would comment. And then there are the times I would like to comment, but have to think so long how to translate what I like to say/write, that in the end I don't comment at all.
But know that I read your blog with great pleasure and there's a lot of "yes, you are right" or "hear, hear" being heard when I read your writings!! :o)!!!

Greetings from Holland !!


The Oakes said...

I don't think I'm a lurker?? I comment on posts that I really find interesting, make an impact on me, or enable me to share encouragement from my own story. I've been following for probably 2 yrs. I have no idea how I found you but you are in my reader and that alone says I really like your blog! I'm pretty picky about the blogs I follow. I have especially loved your "what I wish" and 20 minute crafter series.

Tara said...

Little Bit Funky is one of the first blogs I started to read about three years ago. I have quite a few daily reads in my my google reader but your blog is one of the first blogs I read when it shows up on my screen. I go thru my blog list regularly and weed out blogs. Yours always stays! I do comment once in awhile. I'm a wife and mom to three girls. I have a blog and am an etsy shop owner.


Nicole S said...

I'd say I'm a lurker. :) I don't feel I have anything unique to offer; just enjoy reading your blog! I got to your blog from Sara Luke's blog...she made some baby announcements for me (for my now 2 1/2 yr old).

Nicole - from Nebraska, but now live in Texas

Sherry said...

I lurk because I have two year old twins. :) I will think I have some time for the computer and then something else happens. I do try to comment when I can, but sometimes I can only read and other days it is just a glance at pictures. Just the season of life.

derekcindyterp said...

I'm not really a lurker, at least not on this blog. I pipe my 2cents in once in a while, 'cause I love getting a little reply in my inbox ;) I have a bunch of blogs that come up on my dashboard, but honestly, yours is one of only a small few that I actually READ! lol :D Keep up the awesome blogging. I love your craftiness, and I love too that we have a lot in common faith wise. God is so GREAT, and really believe He has used you to bless a lot of people!

Joy Morris said...

I thought I commented, but I guess it didn't go through. I've been found you through a friend that shared something of yours on Facebook. I thought "Little Bit Funky" sounded interesting, so I checked it out. I subscribe to you in my Google Reader and have been following for 6 months? 9 months? I'm really not sure. I absolutely love the stuff you make and love your honest and transparent relationship with Jesus. I've left a few comments here and there, but I mostly don't comment because a) I don't have a blog and feel like I'm just a faceless person somewhere in internetland b) I don't feel like what I have to say is all that interesting or important.

I guess I'll introduce myself a bit so I'm not just a name :) I am a wife and stay at home mom to 2 boys, 4 and 2. I live in Indiana and love to bargain hunt, read, exercise, craft (although I need to devote more time to it) and love Jesus.

When I comment I sign in using my Google Account, and I thought you could see my email address through that, but I don't think you can. Without a blog, is there a way to leave my email address without having to type it out at the end of each comment?

Unknown said...

Hi there! I comment if I feel like I have something to add to the conversation -- like when you were asking about homeschooling, or perhaps if you were to ask a gardening question. I enjoy reading your blog and about your boys. My children are all older (26-14), and are all girls, and I, myself, am in my 50's -- so, while I wouldn't hesitate for a minute if I met you, to invite myself over to your house and sit down and have a good talk and tea, I'm not all that comfortable talking through a computer. It feels a little "stalker-ish" to me -- strangely intimate, but not really.

Al@PolkaDotsandPaisley said...

I've commented a little bit but not often, so I guess I'm more of a lurker than commenter. Since I started blogging a few months ago, I've been told the best way to get followers is to comment and, while I want followers, I'm worried people will think I'm only commenting so they'll come and look at my blog. Because of that, I only comment if I have something I really really want to say.

Fawnda@Fireflies and Jellybeans said...

I am not a lurker... I have commented before! :)

I found you through Julie's blog Joy's Hope... I think you did a giveaway. And I stayed!

I love how you share you heart and you style is great too!

Oh Mandie said...

I'm a lurker. Which is lame. I've commented on a handful of posts here and there, which is pretty insignificant considering I've been reading your blog for something like 3 years. In fact I even have some LBF stuff prettying up my house.

I suppose I lurk because bigger/more popular blogs intimidate little old me. In all fairness I'm a pretty shy and reserved person away from the blogosphere as well. But it's something I'm working on through prayer.

So, Hello. Officially. I'm Amanda, and it's wonderful to meet you :)

heatherb said...

My name is Heather and I never turn down a triple dog dare. I have been lurking for almost 3 years and have never commented. I just love reading what you have to say. I am 28, engaged, and live in NY. Our lives are very different, but you are a role model to me. I love God and love making changes for the better. I suppose that I don't comment because I don't know what I can offer to you. I can start with "thank you for all your encouragement".

emily said...

Came across your blog when searching for a crochet pattern once and decided to follow :) Don't let the above lady fool you, Idaho is a great place (born, raised, and currently live)! Love your projects and recipes, and the overall cheerful and encouraging tenor of your blog.

AmandaO said...

Hello. I too lurk often. I frequently lurk on my phone or iPad and commenting isn't very easy. Also many of the times you give me other things to think about and I don't' want to say the first thing that comes to mind. I stew on it and then forget to come back and comment. :) Thank you for all your wonderful ideas. I love how so much of what you do is so different from others. :)

cheeksb said...

I lurk !!! I love looking at the cool things other people do. the bad thing is sometimes I lurk instead of doing my own crafts :(
Thanks for all the great post !!

April @ Queen Acres said...

I am April, and I started following your blog a few months ago. I *think* I remember how I stumbled upon your blog (but to be honest, I come across a lot of blogs, so I'm not 100% sure this is it). I saw a pin on pinterest ... a VA state with a heart in it, maybe? I was definitely intrigued and it led me to your site. I, too, understand that Virginia is for Lovers. And I instantly liked your style, your blog, and your views on so many things. So I stuck around. :) I've commented on a few things here and there, but that's it. I'm just starting my own blog, so I'm definitely still trying to get a feel for this whole thing.

So here's to awkward introductions!! Pleased to meet you :)

hannah singer said...

following you for just over a year. very difficult to comment from my phone, so don't often enough.
BUT i read and, girl! you bless my socks off.
grateful for your voice here.

and i still read that "for the tired and weary" post you graciously shared to begin the year. super encouraged. we are in a terribly tough season.
praise jesus for sweet, timely encouragement.
like YOU.
and your insane talent is the jam. and i'm pretty sure i love you:)

press on, crystal!

Gordostyle said...

I'm Jennifer. Nice to meet ya. :o) I am just not a commenter. It takes time. I barely have time to read blogs and commenting takes even more so. I even think I'll go back later and comment on a post and later quickly slips by.

I enjoy your blog. I enjoy reading "real" people. You are real. You are a Christian. You are a good mama. And you are a great crafter.

Thanks for the blog... I really enjoy it.


Amber said...

I've been reading your blog for a little over a year now. I once emailed you to ask a question, but other than that, I have been one of the "lurkers." I mainly stayed in the shadows because I didn't have my own blog or account to post under. Lamesauce.

Regardless, I just started a blog (and by just, i mean it hasn't even been up and running for 24 hours), so when I saw this post I knew I HAD to comment. After all, no more excuses since I have an account! :)

Thank you for being such an inspiring woman. I love reading your posts because they are real and show true emotions. Yet they aren't so "heavy" that it takes the fun out of reading what you have to say.


ThatBrunette said...

I don't always have something to say. If I don't feel what I have to say will add to your post, I continue to lurk. "Me, too". Is just not worth the time it takes to type or read.

Summer said...

I found you a few months ago through a link from somewhere... probably pinterest. I've commented once before, but i read faithfully. i love embroidery, being a mama to my three sillies, went to vt, and love jesus. i think i don't comment because i'm afraid you'll think i'm a stalker. :o) i really think we'd be friends in "real life" and don't want to scare you off! but i love what you write and love your work. thanks for always having something fun to read!

nikihas3 said...

I am "lurker". I have commented a few times, but I don't want to seem like that creepy stalker that has to comment on every post. I have been following you for a couple of years. Your blog has moved me in so many ways. Thank you.

Apick said...

I confess...I "lurk"! I think I found your blog through a friend's recommendation because of your really fun ideas! As I began to read more often, I realized that you lived in Charlottesville, which is near and dear to my heart...I graduated from UVA and I have a brother that still lives there. If I didn't love the beach and my family so much, I would totally live in C-ville!

Despite being partial to C-ville :), I completely understand your desire to move "home!" I got married and moved away from home, leaving all that was familiar. This also included the opportunity to run a preschool started in 1960 by my grandmother that is now run by my mother. My mother suffers from an undiagnosed respiratory condition which affects her ability to work. I would love to move back and run the business, but it is dependent upon my husband finding a job. On top of that, we have been struggling to get pregnant (we have no other children). Lots of waiting in my life and seeking God's will!

That is what has kept me reading your blog! It has been so comforting to know that someone else shares the same desires and is experiencing some struggle with those desires. Your transparency in sharing your struggle and encouragement has been so meaningful to me! Thank you!

mwc liz said...

I found your blog on Pinterest (my fave addictve site) and started following it from there. I like the bright colors you use and most of your projects I just love and want to make. I have been following for the past mmmm 5-6 months maybe. I cannot remember if I have every commented or not, but I guess I don't because I just like the information you send out and I don't have a lot to say after that. I can make an effort to comment more though. =)
mwc liz


AndreaBeth said...

I think one of your kids craft how-tos was featured on one of the offbeat sites a few months back (Offbeat Mama, maybe?) and I came over to look at the craft details in order to borrow it for Children's Church. I mostly lurk because I'm at a totally different place in life (single, career gal, no kids), but I still read because I love your honesty. I particularly loved the "I wish I could tell you" series.

Drew and Kristi said...

I guess I am a lurker.. I've never commented before but I read your blog every day! I found you through my search for paint chip ideas on pinterest, and your creativity, love for Jesus, the fact that your tall too (I'm 5'-11"), and passion have kept me clicking back since. I loved loved your New Year's post. It really resonated with me. Thank you for that.

Ok, so I'm no longer a lurker- My name is Kristi. I live near Nashville with my husband and four kids (two of each), who are 6, 3, 2 and almost 1. I love crafts, DIY, interior design, my family and Jesus Christ. I don't have a blog.. I have always hated writing. And despite two attempts to start one, I never faithfully kept either going.

Thank you so much for your honesty and passion in your posts! I really look forward to reading your blog every day!!

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