what AM i doing?

What HAVE I been doing lately? 
Honestly?  Still getting caught up from the holidays.  Caught up on orders.  Caught up on work.  Working on new things...some I can share and some...eventually?  I can promise that a moment has not been wasted...it's all go go go here.
My hope is that if I don't stop, then eventually I will catch up.  Right?  
If you are new here...I apologize for the lack of pretty, crafty, baking posts...they will return!
Just ask the regulars. :)
Today, I took a small break from my long list of "have-to's" and did a "want to". 
I worked on my "fussy cutting" and precision sewing skills to make a couple of mug rugs. 
Maybe not exactly precise...but I totally nailed cute. :)
This is part of my LOATHE list. 
My personal opinion...if you make under x amount as a small business...no taxes for you! 
Makes me angry every year. 
But I AM thankful to be living a life where I made my own job.  I am thankful for it. 
Five years in May.  Crazy.  Crazy, insanely blessed.  Crazy. 
Did you know I started out making cards?  You can click HERE to see my first sales on Etsy. 
I've come a long way, right? :) I didn't even know how to SEW five years ago! 
The lesson there?  JUMP IN AND START! :) You never know...
Have you read this?  We are doing it for Bible study this semester. 
I haven't made it out of chapter one (we JUST started, sheesh) but I love it already. 
The author stated something that I have always believed...in a nutshell, that most of the problems in society can be traced back to the breakdown of the family unit.  Yes!! Think about it...
I've also been reading this. 
Getting up an HOUR before the boys to read and have my coffee in peace before the wild buffalo wake up. 
You say you have no time for a devotional?  Do you have time to read a cereal box? 
In two minute or less.  
THIS is the one for you.  Succinct and powerful.

So how are you?  Has the new year been good?  Are you making things? 

FYI-What I Made For Monday and Custom Order Sunday will be back!  Soon! :)



Handbags*and*Pigtails said...

Those mug rugs are fantastic! And I fully agree with what you said about the breakdown of the family. Thats the main basis of my blog: less tv, more creativity time together as a family. After Christ, our family comes first. Its hard to say no to "good things", "good activities and sports" but we cant do it all. When we try to, our family unit suffers. We've found that out the hard way so we're living to change it, day by day.
Happy Friday!:)

goletagirlwendy said...

The mug rugs are very cute. What is the name of the blue and white fabric in the mug rugs?
Still trying not to buy any fabric this year, but not having much luck.

MargaretB said...

I LOVE those mug rugs--they are so fun and cheery! I've been trying to juggle keeping up with my etsy shop without neglecting my family and I often come here for inspiration that it can be done. Thanks for always sharing!

April D said...

Your mug rugs are CUTE. That fabric is just super-happy.
Can't wait to see what you've been DOING!

derekcindyterp said...

Wow! You are sounding so upbeat and positive lately, and full of energy! LOL. It's inspiring me :D My only downfall is I have 8 weeks left in preg.#3, and my energy levels are lacking, and my mind is going to where I have a newborn and I'll lack energy even more... BUT, I'm so looking forward to getting back into shape after baby, using JM 30day shred, and also hitting my boxes of fabric to make some cute projects. THIS is where I'll go for motivation!!! :D You rock!! And yes, I too believe a huge part of societies problems are the lack of respect of a proper, God fearing family unit. Sad. Wishing you a blessed 2012!!
Oh, and one more thing, to make this an official short story, lol...those mug rugs are SUPER SUPER cute...another idea to add to my list...

Amy said...

Lucky that your kids don't have some kind radar to know you're awake & immediately get up--whether or not it's time... :0
Congrats on the awesome business. Proverbs 31 kind of woman!

Michelle said...

Love the mug rug and you.

Sara Neufeld said...

Those mug rugs are so happy. Love Jesus calling...such a good way to start the day. Happy weekend!

Sara Neufeld said...

Those mug rugs are so happy. Love Jesus calling...such a good way to start the day. Happy weekend!

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