Inspiration to Fitness-Num 2

Ugh. This week I hit a roadblock. My intentions for exercise were almost immediately sideswiped by a nasty head cold that has made it difficult to stand let alone exercise.

BUT. This will not stop me.  Since I have had to be, out of necessity, light on exercise this week, I took this opportunity to look at other areas of my life that need a little "Inspiration to Fitness". I have actually found that focusing on other areas to improve upon, has made me EXCITED to feel well enough to exercise. Weird, right? Looking at the photo from last week makes me WANT to get up off my bum and get to work...but first, standing without being dizzy needs to come, right?

So, what have I been focusing on during this time?  Diet, for one.  What are ways that I can improve it? I've started by trying to add in more fresh things...a friend once shared a quote that said something to the effect of "What is left behind when you are done eating? Wrappers and bags or peels and shells?". There is an obvious good choice there and I have been trying to have the latter be the majority.

Another area I am focusing on is, EATING breakfast. Like a real one and not just a huge cup of coffee. ; I have been pouring through Alysa's blog to glean any and all ideas I can find on the subject of breakfast and making healthy food choices in general.

Because really, who can deny that when you eat better, you FEEL better.  And I don't mean deprivation, but moderation.

I have also been paying attention to how much water I am taking in (MORE!) and trying to get to bed at a decent time.  Both of which are crucial items to overall fitness, right?

In a way, being sick this week has MADE me take the time to set up a good foundation of habits that will hopefully help me to continue way beyond the eight weeks that this program is supposed to be.  Any moment now I would like to feel better and get to work on the hard stuff.

And like I said, though I have been light on exercise this week, all that I have focused on has made my will to meet my goals even stronger.

How about you? Have you started a new regime this year? How are you doing?

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derekcindyterp said...

YES! And it sounds fairly similar... I want to eat a lot more FRESH unprocessed foods, and have started with buying a wack of fresh veggies, chopping them up and having them always available for snacking, and always on the dinner table. The kids LOVE it, believe it or not! The worst part of this whole eating better thing, is I'm also trying to give up my yummy coffee creamer... It's so bad for you, and with the new baby arriving soon, and with previous experience of babies not liking creamer in their bo*b milk, I better get over it! LOL
For sure eating healthy is JUST as important, if not more, than excersize, which I am also eager to get to after baby... :)All the best with eating can be HARD sometimes! :P

Unknown said...

:) Can you fix the Wythings Scale link? Thank you!

Alysa said...

So glad to hear that even though you hit a roadblock, you are plowing right through it! Did you find any recipes to try on my blog? Hope you feel better soon :)

Vintage Dutch Girl said...

Yup, right with ya on this one. Trying to focus on eating foods with ingredients that I can easily pronounce :)

Also, have spent YEARS exercising myself blue in the face and was SUPER in shape but body still holding on to fat....but until I transform the food I put in, my body won't be transformed. Yes? Yes. A Flat stomach is made in the kitchen. :)

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