and we're back.

We just had another quick visit to was fun and fast. :)
We saw some friends, we babysat my new nephew, I taught my brother in law to make the worlds best pot roast (email me for directions) and we made Norwegian traditional cardamom flavor and the new scandalous chocolate. 
We got lots of snuggle time with Jack but not nearly enough.
I gave Jack a Christmas gift I made for him...a super soft and warm minky blanket that looks football like...but rectangular.  Pretty cute, if I say so myself.  Him and the blanket, not me. :)
And our elf showed up in Blacksburg to surprise the boys!  We woke up on Saturday to find him at the door trying to get in!
 Then he was hiding in Moses' cereal the next morning...
 and waiting in the car to go home later that day.  The boys were thrilled with his appearances. :)
Then this morning he took his revenge on a certain friend of mine who has been taunting him.  Porkchop used his photo as a potty pad to send the message that he isn't afraid. :)

Yes, this is of a friend.  Yes, we are just like that.  No, it is not offensive.  He thought it was funny...and so did I. :)

xo and Happy Monday! :)

more elf.

Life is too crazy for a real post at the enjoy some of our elf shenanigans.

Happy Friday to you! :)

house tour a la home made lovely.

For all of you who have always wanted to peek in my can get a full tour over at Life Made Lovey today! :)

Click on either of the images above or the link! :)


what i made for monday-salted caramel shortbread-on tuesday

Welcome to amazing episode of what I made for Monday.  On Tuesday. 
Say hello to Salted.  Caramel.  Shortbread.
Oh yeah.
It's amazing for little effort.  Amazing.  Let's get to it.

Here's what you need for the shortbread layer:
10 tbsp. salted butter, melted
1/2 cup sugar
1/4 tsp. salt
1 egg yolk, whisked
1 2/3 cups All Purpose flour

Line an 8 by 8in pan with parchment.  Don's skip this part.
Mix together the first three ingredients.  Then the yolk.  Then the flour.  
When it's all mixed up well, press it into the bottom of the pan. 
Bake at 350 for 20-30 minutes until light golden brown. 
While it cools do the next part.  The even easier part.

Here we have:
1/4 cup pf butter melted
1/2 cup of brown sugar
1/2 cup of white sugar
1/2 cup light corn syrup (karo)
1/2 cup sweetened condensed milk
Combine them all together in the LARGEST BOWL YOU CAN FIT IN YOUR MICROWAVE.
Cook for 2 minutes and stir.  Cook for two more minutes and stir.  Cook for two more minutes.  Allow to cool slightly and pour over shortbread. Sprinkle sea salt on top. 
Here's the sea salt I used and the tool I found best to cut them into small 1in squares.  It's technically a spreader of some sort that I got from a local cooking store but I found that a strong plastic "knife" was the best way to cut them.  Before they harden up TOO much.  If you wait too long to cut them you will crumble the shortbread. 

Store in an air tight container.  If they make it that far.  Enjoy! 

Thanks to lovely Beth for the inspire.

here i am!

THIS is what I have been dealing with.  On top of all the other crazy in my life right now, I decided that hoho is ready to potty train.  Because really, I do better with 50 things to do than five.  So why not?  So far, so STUBBORN.  He will do some business on the pot, but not the OTHER.  You know the one.  Say a little prayer for a Christmas miracle for us, please.
 Our elf Porkchop (named after Doug Funny's dog) has been rocking the baby Jesus...
 ...climbing tree tops...
 ...turning our milk green...
 ...and doing some gold fishin.  Among other trouble making things. :)
 I've been decking the love with Moses' past years creations. 
 Enjoying temps in the high 60's and lots of sunshine.  I LOVE YOU VIRGINIA!
And finishing up the LAST HOHO's of the year! :) They will be "up for grabs" on my Little Bit Funky facebook page at or around 7pm tonight. :) Look for them and claim them fast! :) You can find the FB page to the right------------->

Lisa Kanos and Karen Snyder---you both win copies of Sew to Swap for your donations to charity:water. 

Jenni Carlisle---You WIN THE QUILT!!!!

All of you need to contact me with your address so I can get your items in the mail to you! :) xo

O Happy day to YOU!

20 minute crafter-reindeer thumbprint ornaments

Remember the handprint snowmen from last year?
They were so cute to see as I unpacked them this year that I knew we had to do a new version this year.
Enter reindeer thumb prints! These are even easier than last years version...want to make some?
Here is what you need, from this experience I can tell you that the matte ones work a little better and make it easier to see the thumb prints. 
 You also need some little thumbs. 
From my experience last year, I learned to put the initials and date on first.
 Paint your thumb...
And press onto ornaments...I thought I would do "eight tiny reindeer"...yeah, not when I have this many to do. :)  I ended up doing 4-6 per ornament.  
Once the thumbs are dry add eyes with your sharpie...
 ...then two lines where the antlers go....
 ...then add "V"s to fill them in...
 And for Rudy add a nice red nose.   I did this with craft paint and the end of a paint brush.
 If you lower the position of the eyes you get a whole other look, one I prefer. :)
 Let dry, and you are done!

These will be cute teacher and family gifts. :)
And I will be keeping a few myself, too. :)

Have fun making these! Let me know if you do, I would love to see them!


making a list.

In case you were is how I feel at the moment.
I just need a few good solid days of working and I think I can get all things under control.
November has 40 days right?  That should do it.
I feel like for every one thing I mark off of my list, I add three. 
But I refuse to stop will get done!
Do you elf on the shelf?  We just started this year...the boys LOVE waking up in the morning to find out what our naughty elf Porkchop is up to.  (five points to you if you can connect the dots for the random elf name.

I've been having awesome luck at the Goodwill I have started listing a few items on my ebay.  You can check out all that I have on my Ebay page HERE.  In addition to some vintage goodness (which hopefully will continue to be added to), I've also listed my Cricut Expression, that I never ever use.  It's in almost new condition and could totally be given as a gift. :)

And a question for super saver sister in law has convinced me to start couponing (after coming home from CVS with bags full of FREE (good) things).  She turned me on to Hip2Save.  What's your favorite coupon site?  Method?  I'm a newbie and I would love some help getting started. :)

Also, now that Thanksgiving crazy has passed...could you take a moment to donate to my charity:water site?  You can click on the bottle over to the right.  I've only had TWO donations...which I am chalking up to it being Thanksgiving...but now that it's over...can you take a moment and give $10?  As it stands you have great odds to win a prize. :)

OK...that's it.  Homework: Do you elf?  Ideas? Do you coupon?  Resources?  Can you give $10?  Bottle on the right. :)


i'm alive!

Just popping in to say HI!!! I'm alive and well and racing to catch up after a wonderful Thanksgiving! 

Hang in there, I'll be back! :)


Happy Thanksgiving!

Enjoy a free printable from Cottage in the Oaks
Or this one from Card by Meagan.
Or these cute printables for kids from Tomkat Studio.

I hope you have a blessed and memorable Thanksgiving.  I truly am thankful for each and every one of you lovely readers. :) I'll be taking a little blog break over the next few days to spend some time with family. 

Happy Thanksgiving from Little Bit Funky!
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