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I just got this pretty magazine in the mail along with TWO extra copies to share. :)
I don't know about you, but there is just something about holding an ACTUAL magazine in your hands that evokes a certain kind of inspiration.  Not that I have lots of time to sit down with a magazine...but when I do...it always, always, always reminds me of my single, kid-less days...when my best friend and I would go to Barnes and Noble with our knitting and sit for hours, knitting, drinking coffee and reading magazines.  Those were the BEST days.  And while for now, those days are sitting on the back burner, I have hopes of them returning one day. 
It was nice to sit down with this magazine and look at all the pretty photos, feel the texture of the paper and be inspired.  I found a few things I want to make...some for me and some for gifts....
I'm thinking I want to make new matching stockings this year...maybe this would be a start?
These look like fun...maybe get the boys to draw itty bitty pictures to go in the center and use them as gifts for family or teachers?
 I just love the aqua flower to the right...making those for sure.
 But these are my favorite...I plan to make a couple to add to a scarf I am knitting.  Beautimous. 
Here's another photo...lots of texture and pretty fabric...I am loving the batting peeking through.

Want to win a copy?  I have two to giveaway.  To enter, just leave a comment telling me how much you love me...just kidding...any old comment will do. :)

Friday seems like a good day to choose a winner. :) 

And don't forget to enter the Less Ordinary Designs giveaway over HERE.


what i made for monday-naughty donuts

I apologize for what I am about to tell you and encourage you to do.
I made Doug naughty, naughty donuts to take to work today.  
Why are they naughty?  Because they are WAY too easy for the amount of amazing that they taste.
Talk about melt in your mouth amazing and buttery and oh so sweet, sweet, heavenly goodness.
Want to make some?
You need canned biscuits (anything BUT the flakey layer kind).
Melted butter in a shallow bowl(4 tbls per 8 biscuits give or take) 
Sugar & Cinnamon in a shallow bowl.
Mixed together in your favorite proportions...I like a nice medium brown mixture.

Veggie oil to fill your pan up to about 1/2in or so. 
Heat up oil for a few minutes on medium heat.
While it is heating up, cut holes in the donuts with a cookie cutter or some other circular object
(stars would be cute too!)
When one side is golden brown, flip with tongs.  When that side is golden remove from oil and place on a paper towel lined pan or plate.
When the donuts have cooled enough to handle...using your fingers dip one side in the melted butter, let the excess drip off, dip in cinnamon and sugar mixture.  Get it nice and coated.  Flip over and repeat for the other side.  
I ate all of these.

Just kidding.  I sent them to work with Doug.  But I made a practice batch on Saturday to see if they would still be amazing a day later...and they were. :)  And I had more of those than I should.

You are welcome.  Or I'm sorry.

custom order sunday.

Howdy.  Welcome to my least favorite day of the year.  The day after daylight saving time.  I like to refer to it as "Our founding fathers/farmers hate parents day".  We barely made it to bed time.  Here's hoping to a quick recovery to "normal". 
Above is my favorite work of the week.  I am JUST loving making these creations...I feel so blessed to be able to create art for a living.  And God and I are working out the details to use this reignited love of mine for something more.  Hang in there for details. :)  I would also be thrilled to work on commissioned pieces in the mean time.
Here's another custom order that I just loved this week...Is this not the best and sweetest little ABC sampler ever?  I am filing this idea away to do with my boys once they are writing a little more. :) (This photo doesn't do it justice--taken with my phone...sorry).
 And here's a little work in progress. :)
And just a little reminder...don't forget about your "Operation Christmas Child" boxes.  Ours are due near the middle of the month so I would imagine yours would be due around the same time. 
And I've needed a new head shot a lot recently, and desperately needed something a little more professional looking.   One trusty tripod later and here we have it. :) What do you think?  Do I look like a pro or what? :)

Hope your weekend was JOYful and that this week you can be a blessing to someone. :) 


happy weekend. have a laugh.

i'm such a mean mom. 
i would totally do this.
and the reactions are totally legit.

happy weekend to you!

less ordinary designs giveaway!

It's November.  It's a great time to get started on your Christmas cards...come on over to my giveaway blog and see how you can win a FREE design and a $50 print credit from Less Ordinary Designs. 

You can thank me for introducing you to Sara later. :)


trick or treat.

Trick or treating was SO fun. 
The boys are at just the perfect age.
Also the perfect age for looking like it pains you to have your mother take a photo of you in costume.
 This is what I get when I say "act like you like each other" (which they do).
Aaron with these wings = dangerous.  He believes with his whole self that having them on = he can fly.  And he tries.  Across the yard...off the couch...off the dining room table...
 And he's off.
We really had a great time. 
Aaron did perfectly when he was handed candy.  When a bowl full was presented to him he treated it like an all you can eat buffet. :)  He was participating in such behavior when a blog reader I've never met said "Hey I know you!".  Hi Julie! It was good to meet you...I'm so glad you outed yourself to say hello.  Sorry for the little piggy in your candy trough. :)

Just a little follow up to my trick or treating post a few days ago.  Here's a great link to a History channel article about the origins of Trick or treating.  Which I think proves that it is what you make it.  And we choose to make it fun and silly and about seeing and interacting with people in our community. 

And I will leave you on a funny note...
We were out to dinner with the boys before trick or treating at the mall the other day.  The boys were anxious and a little crazy...not sitting still and be bopping all around.  At one point I leaned over the table, got Moses' attention and said "Moses...NOP!".  I said nop.  Like it was a real word.  Though in my head I was saying "knock it off" or "stop" it came out NOP...or KNOP I guess would be the correct spelling.  Either way it proves these little minions are doing their part meld my brain cells.  All I could think since then it "dang it, I graduated from college.  WITH HONORS.  And I've lost the ability to speak English"...

Hope your day is a HAPPY ONE!  Enjoy the pillaging of your children's candy!

fall fun and art.

I've spent my morning hustling to get shop stuff done.  I've got all my new prints added to the shop.
Why does that feel like it takes so much longer than a load of laundry?  Regardless, it's done!
You can buy prints HERE.  Or the digital file to print yourself HERE.  The original has been sold. :)
This is my "custom order Sunday" order. :) I finished up the sampler for my nephew.
I just love it.  Happy, quirky, fun!
I love that it is both boy and girl friendly. :)
I hope to have a pattern available soon!
 For now, you can buy a print HERE or a digital file HERE
And I got this canvas in the shop too!  You can buy the original HERE.  Or a print HERE. Or a digital file HERE.
And lastly...I hope you have a lovely trick or treat time! :) We have been celebrating all weekend!  First we trick or treated at the mall and then yesterday we went to a local churches fall festival. 
Moses choose to attend this dressed as "Mighty Mo"...part spiderman, part batman, part captain America and part superman.  Super awesome I think. :)
And while there he completely stunned me by climbing 2/3 the way up this climbing wall.  I could NOT believe he went up so high without batting an eye.  He has gotten so brave this last year and I could not be more proud.

I my heart though, I was preparing to toss my camera to catch him if he fell. :)

Happy trick or treating!  Remember that a lot of that candy would be great to add to your Operation Christmas child boxes!



I feel like I am extra behind on blogging.  Days are just whirling by in a flash...I mean it will be November in a couple of days.  While I am thankful for all the business that the costume season brought...I am happy to say that this crown was the last of dozens of orders...I'm ready for next. :) And Moses was not thrilled that this crown was not for him. :)    
I am not a studio photo person.  Ever.
But I made an exception for this gem.  Cheesy background, Moses wearing his current favorite outfit complete with a spiderman birthday ribbon and a fake apple.  How could I not buy it?
Thank you junk mail for occupying my boys for a nice chunk of time.  And I was pleased that not every toy in the book was circled.
Moses and I stole this crafty idea from Chrissie and it was a simple, easy, fun hit! :)
 I scored big at Micheal's.  Awesome stocking stuffers for $1.  Yes, please. 
ALMOST as good as the decent sized stash of Lego's we found at goodwill today...for .95.  They were still in an original box...from 1979.  Nice.
 Craft room is coming right along.  Every day I get a little done...it's coming together. 
Today was trick or treating at the mall.  I called it practice.  And it was indoors (read warm on the first time I remember SNOW in Virginia in October in a long time).  And these guys are the cutest batman and buzz ever.  Except for the fact that while wearing this costume, Aaron WILL JUMP OFF of any piece of furniture in the house while yelling "I can fwy...to difinity and beyond!!!"
 My sunny son. :)
 Art of the week. :) Prints coming soon...want one? :)
And cuteness for a friend.  :)  It's been a full week. 

Happy trick or treating!  Remember to skim off the good candy when they aren't looking!


20 minute crafter-DIY photo canvas

First of all...I apologize for the quality of some of these photos.  I was full expecting this NOT to work so I didn't even bother getting out my real camera until the end.  It looks too easy,  but I promise that it IS easy and quick.  And the result is darling.
Want to save several dozen dollars and make your OWN photo canvas?
Do you have a printer?  Do you have a canvas?  Well let's get on it.
 First, I trimmed down regular tissue paper to standard paper size (8 1/2in by 11in).
 Then, I did my best to iron it flat.  High heat with no steam. 
I then ran the tissue paper through the printer like regular paper.  I manually loaded it to make sure it was in there right.  It worked perfectly.  I was stunned.  And still not using anything to document it other than my phone because I was sure this would all fall apart at any moment.  I gathered my mod podge and a foam brush.
Then I put a thin coat of mod podge on the canvas...
...gently laid my tissue paper over the canvas and quickly centered it...then working from the inside out...ever so gently pressed the tissue down and pushed the bubbles out towards the sides.  Work QUICKLY but carefully.  All the bubbles and wrinkles will come out. 
Keep working until you get them all out...when you are done trim the edges.  The tissue paper will allow the lovely canvas texture to peek through. 
 When that is done...gently add a light layer of mod podge on top.  BE GENTLE. 
 Allow to dry.  And you are done!!! Wasn't that easy?
The result is a wonderful photo canvas that is pennies on the dollar...I'm thinking the total cost is around $1.50 or so (I bought a dozen 8 by 10in canvases from Michaels for around $10 with a coupon).

I can't wait to try this again with a black and white photo...or for Christmas gifts! 

I'd love to see if you try this!  Have fun!

P.S. I have an InkJet printer. :) 
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