some of you have questions about the hot mess minis.

here are some answers:
mini's are meant to be slipcovers for skinny plastic headbands that you can find anywhere.  
i do not include them.

they slide on and off so you can change it up whenever you would like. 
they stay put.  i wear them and can assure you they do. :) 

you may claim as many sets as you would like.  
you can go through the whole album if you like and comment "mine" on every set. 
that would be awesome. :) 

they are 3 for $10 plus $3 shipping. 
i will send you a paypal invoice once you send me your paypal email address. 

any other questions? 

see you HERE at 7:30pm EST. 


cake batter krispies. {make these today!}

i'm one of those people who prefer cake batter over cake.
cookie dough over cookies.
no threat of salmonella will keep me away.
which makes these "cake batter krispie treats" even better.
no threat of illness. :)

i also like my rice krispie treats gooey-er than the standard recipe makes them.
want to know the secret?

which is really the answer to a lot of life's problems.
if you ask me.

want to make some?

you need:
6 cups of krispie rice cereal
7 tablespoons of butter
1/3 cup cake mix (HEAPing)
1 bag of mini-marshmallows (they melt better than the big ones).
1.75oz bottle of sprinkles

melt butter in large pot (i use my stock pot for easy stirring).
add mallows.
stir until they are good and melted.
add cake mix a little at a time.
stir until mixed in.
add cereal.
stir until coated.
add 2/3 of the bottle of sprinkles.
spread into a 9 by 12in pan coated with cooking spray.
spread remaining sprinkles on top.

when they have cooled completely (an hour-ish) flip them over onto a cutting board and cut with a sharp knife.

try not to eat them all in on sitting.
several of you have asked about my exercise habits lately. 
well, i am pleased to update you. 
because i am STILL AT IT. !
yes, i have no idea who has taken over my body and given me a will to exercise. 
but it's nice. 
i finished the 30 day shred.  
and never lost a single pound.  but got stronger.  built endurance. 
after i finished that, i started yoga meltdown.  i do it five days a week.
and lost ten pounds. 
i never once changed my diet.  i kind of refuse to. 
i love food.  and i have never seen a diet and thought "i could do this forever".
to me, it's all about common sense and listening to your body.  stop when your body says stop.
i just don't think dieting is good for you.  people already have a messed up view of food. 

i do avoid fast food at all costs.  i avoid processed foods as much as possible.  
i have a salad with dinner most nights.  and it's the bulk of the meal. 
i drink a lot of coffee and diet pepsi.  i try to buy whole grains.  i stop when i am full. 
i do portion control.  and stress eating.  i have a huge sweet tooth. 

so that is that.  
i'm pretty please with losing ten pounds.  especially since i thought losing ANY was impossible.  

i'm lighter now than before i had kids. 

and i will take that any day of the week. 

happy monday!

see you HERE at 7:30pm to grab some minis. :) 



i want you to know something.
i am thankful for you.
i am thankful for your support as a reader.
i'm thankful when you comment or email.
i'm thankful when you just stalk (but i wish you wouldn't...i don't bite you know)
i'm thankful when you support my dream job.  (taking care of my littles while sewing for a living).
i'm thankful when you send me notes in the mail sometimes with a "little something" to say thank you.
i'm thankful to be able to share with you.
i just thought you should know.
i don't want you to think i take you for granted.
i know there are a lot better blogs out there.
ones that are always happy and cheerful.
i'm thankful you keep coming back.
so thanks for that.
i just wanted you to know.
i'm thankful when you indulge my need to share photos of my youngest son with pigtails.
you are awesome. 
and i want to be sure that you know that.
doug has been working a lot.
so i have been sewing a lot.
that is my secret to getting a lot done.
at 7pm all of my boys are in bed.
then i stay up way too late.
sewing and watching documentaries on netflix.  can you recommend any good ones?  
i have this crazy need to be doing something productive while watching tv. 
i can't stand the thought of throwing hours out the window with nothing to show for it.
so i sew.
or knit.
or crochet.
and tonight i will be doing just that.
sewing a butt load of minis. (butt load is more than a gallon less than a bushel)
that you can claim.
i will post them in an album on my facebook fan page found HERE.
all you have to do is comment with "mine" and make sure i get your paypal email address.
i will do this at 7:30 pm on Monday night.
and then i won't be making anymore until mid-june.
i will be taking a break until then.
i will still blog.
(this set of mini's is still available on the lbf fb page)
but instead of sewing for profit i will be:
making teacher gifts.
making these cupcakes for the end of the school year party.
i'll be making these cookies because i want to.
i'll be working on all my personal sewing projects that are piling up.
i'll be making cake batter rice krispie treats.
catching up on reading THIS and THIS.
working on flower week.
playing with my littles.
just being.

i'll see you HERE.  at 7:30 pm on monday.  to get your own set of mini's.  

until then...i hope your sunday is awesome.  and that you realize that you are awesome too.


if you're not a fan of lbf on facebook you are missing out...
i've listed several sets of mini's there that you can claim...for those of you who like to see what you are getting before you get HERE to become a fan and to claim some mini's!
 and i am working on a fun series of tutorials for all sorts of fabric flowers...
 ...flower week will start may 31st...
...just thought i would share a peek of the first three flowers i'll be sharing how to make...

and here is my disclaimer:
no, i didn't not come up with the original idea for any of these flowers. 
no, i am not "stealing" an idea or sharing someones exclusive content... please don't send the blogland mafia after me. 

they will all be tutorials that are out there in some form...but done my way and in my words...and all in one fun flower filled week. 

i hope you will come. 

20 minute crafter: dino toy into planter.

so...i wanted to make something for moses to give to his i was thinking i remembered seeing animals similar to these made into planters for succulent plants...i think these are the perfect combo of boyish, quirky and fun.  plus, moses' favorite lessons at school this year were the dinos. :) 
 all you need are (as big as you can find) HARD plastic, hollow animals. 
spray primer
spray paint in a color of your choice
 first cut out a circle on the top of your animals...look for the biggest part to hold a plant.
i used my heavy duty kitchen shears. add a drainage hole or two on the bottom as well.
 prime and let dry.
 once primer is dry...spray paint in color of your choice.
 add fresh soil and plant your succulent (i found these at lowe's for under $3)
 you can cram a little...but be gentle.  add some stones to hold the dirt in.
 cute or what?
 the perfect teacher gift from a little boy...right?
 this one is my favorite...i just might keep him.
i found my dinos at target, michael's and goodwill. 
succulents don't mind being a bit squished. 

moses seems excited to give them...i hope his teachers love them!

humor sells right?

our house is being shown later today.  prayers are appreciated.  
in the meantime, i'll be cleaning every corner and making things perfect.

we have a few of these little signs around the house...explaining
things that others may find odd or bring up 
"why do these people have their microwave and toaster oven in the laundry room?"

any opportunity to make a potential buyer smile, right?

back to cleaning. :) 


hot mess.

hi friends...just a heads of tonight (after a few hours of sewing) i will be caught up with hot mess head band orders...which means it's the perfect time to email me to order some! :)

i'll be taking new orders until NEXT monday...and then i won't be taking anymore until mid-june. :) 

the prices are still $5 for the original
3 for $10 for the mini's
and 3 for $10 for the teeny tiny messes

by the end of the night i will have made OVER a 100 of them

the mini's are my FAVORITE...slip them onto a headband with a ponytail and it looks like you tried. :) 

here are some of my current favorites. :) 
i can accomodate almost any color combo request. :) 
little girls and teens are loving them too!
i'll be waiting for your email. :) 
(ricracandpompoms @
no spaces


20 minute crafter: how to make a t-shirt into a skirt.

so i started with this tutorial from "sew like my mom"...but quickly decided that 1) shirring is of the devil and 2) i wanted a less fuss i made my own tutorial for making a mens t-shirt into the worlds most comfortable skirt ever.  perfect for summer.  this skirt makes me wish i knew how to sew before i had babies because this would be THE most perfect pregnant skirt as well...i'll be making a few more to get me through the hot, hot days of summer...
all you need to make this is a mens t-shirt.  i bought a size XL...i usually buy a medium skirt or size six shorts if that will help you figure out if you need to buy bigger or smaller...the tutorial i linked to suggests going goodwill to buy mens shirt on the cheap but if i'm honest with you...the thought of making a skirt out of a used mens me the creepers...unless its doug's. :) but...if you have less mental issues than all means hit up the goodwill.  i got the bike shirt from doug's discard pile and some shirts from target for $8 and $6...which is still a good price for a skirt. :)
you will also need some 3/4in elastic. 
24in for a small...30in for a medium...36in for a large...48in for XL...
or measure your waist and make your best guess. :)

  start by laying your shirt out flat on cutting mat...i lined my cutting guide up on the top of each sleeve...and cut to get a nice parallel (to the bottom hem) line...
 ...see...nice and straight...from that first straight line...
i cut off a couple more get the collar out of the way... lined up the corner of the bottom hem...with top of the sleeve...
...and cut...repeat on the opposite side.
 you are trying to get a nice symmetrical shape.  if you want your skirt to be is the time to trim off the inches...keep in mind that you will be folding the top over by an inch...
 stitch up the two sides...starting from the if there is any 
wonkiness you can take even it out at the waist...jersey won't you can get close to the edge without worry of it coming unraveled. :)
 fold the top under by about an can wing it. :)
 leave and opening to slide your elastic through...
 attach a safety pin to the end of your elastic and feed it through the opening shut.  
and done!
the perfect skirt!  especially if you have children who still use you as a nose rag. :)

super comfy...and easy.  it took me longer to 
write this post than it did to make this skirt. :)
now...if i can just get some sun on these legs...
and quit getting mystery bruises...i'll be in good shape. :)

i'll answer any questions in the comments. :)

in case you ever wondered...

in case you ever wondered what would happen if you emailed me and said "crystal, i want to spend this much for this kind of gift, with these kinds of things on it"....and then let me go with it...well, only the best things happen.  i ADORE those kinds of emails.  they are my favorite and usually end up with my favorite custom orders.  take this one for example...i adore it.  i love it.  i found myself thanking God for my talent as i made it.  and here's a million photos of it because i think it's so darn pretty...

i really hope the recipient will love it...and that the giver is proud to give it. 

because i am having a hard time letting it go. :)

bird stalking.

day one.
day three.
day four.
day 14. birdy birthday.
day 14. again.  my favorite photo.
day 15.  fuzzy britches.
day 16.  two days old.
day 17.  three days old and already growing feathers.

 day 18.
 day 19.
 day 20.
 day 21.  i couldn't believe how fast his feathers sprouted.
 day 22.
 day 23.
day 24. 

today is day 28.  
i went to take a photo of him but he's left the nest. 

this has been such a fun little documentary to witness.  

and such a reminder that if God knows this birds needs...
and provides for them...
how much more is He going to provide for me?

Look at the birds of the air; they do not sow 
or reap or store away in barns, and yet 
your heavenly Father feeds them. 
Are you not much more valuable than they?
Matthew 6:26
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